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Singtel SIM Only Plans 2023 [New Offer]

Singtel SIM Only PlansSingtel is one of the most popular Telecom, Internet and TV Service Provider in Singapore. Many people of this country use This Plan for their Daily usage. Now, Singtel is providing different Plans under this SIM Only Package.  So, the user can choose their best plan during Sign up. It will depend on Data limits. Talk Time and SMS Offer may carry the same value as all Plans. In June 2023, Purchase with Purchase offer also ongoing and it will continue till the last of this month. In the below, we’re writing details like everything about Singtel SIM Only Plans 2023.

Before starting describing this offer, Please be noted that it is a Limited Time offer and it will continue till Stock lasts. Singtel wrote this on their official Website under this offer. So, make sure the offer is still available and you should try to Purchase the Plan quickly as soon as possible.

Singtel SIM Only Plan List 2023

We already mentioned that Singtel added 3 Plans. So, You can choose the best one for you. Add-ons plan also available with these Plans. So, you can choose Talk Time & SMS Add-ons during Sign Up for the Plans. Now, see the package details here. You can buy these Plans quickly from this link. Just choose Plan and click on the “Sign up Now” button.

Singtel SIM Only Plan List 2023
Singtel SIM Only Plan List 2023

Singtel SIM Only 20GB Plan

A total of 30 GB Data (20 GB Regular and 10 GB Bonus) will be distributed to the user. Additionally, Customer will get 1000 Minutes Talk Time and 500 SMS. In Summary, we can share your details. 10 GB Local Data + Unlimited Singtel WIFI, 150 mins Talktime + 500 SMS/MMS.  Additional free Talktime will be reflected at Shopping Cart.

  • 20GB Data + 10GB Free*
  • 150 + 850* Mins
  • 500 SMS
  • Free Caller ID for 1 month
  • Price: 25$/Month
  • 12-Month Term

Singtel SIM Only 50GB Plan

In this Plan, you will get 55 GB Local Data, 150 mins Talktime + 500 SMS/MMS, and Free 12 months of Caller ID. Additional free Talktime and SMS will be reflected at Shopping Cart. Additional Talk Time and SMS Pack is available below this content. You can add these as per your requirement.

  • 40GB Data + 10GB Free*
  • 150 + 850* Mins
  • 500 + 500* SMS
  • Free Caller ID for 6 months
  • 35$/Month
  • 12-Month Term

Singtel SIM Only 100GB Plan

This is the maximum Plan under Singtel SIM Only. Under this plan, you will get 100 GB Data, 1000 Minutes Talk Time, and 1000 SMS. See more details below.

  • 13GB Base Data + 87GB Free*
  • 150 + 850* Mins
  • 500 + 500* SMS
  • Free Caller ID for 12 months
  • 73.50$/Month
  • 12-Month Term

Singtel Add-ons Plan

You can also Add these Extra (Add-ons) Plans with your main SIM Only Plans. During Purchasing the Plan, you need to select Add-ons Plan if you need it.

Category Add-ons Price
Talk Time 200 Minutes $5.35
800 Minutes $10.70
Unlimited $16.05
SMS/MMS 1200 SMS/MMS $5.35
2400 SMS/MMS $10.70

*Free data, Talktime and SMS will expire in 12 months from the time of your purchase. You will revert back to the Base Data plan without Talktime and SMS after 12 months. For full terms and conditions.


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