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Skitto Call Rate 2022 Any Local Number, Any Time

Skitto is one of the most popular Prepaid connection of Grameenphone Limited. It is a different Brand of Grameenphone, not only a Prepaid connection. Users from other Prepaid Package of Grameenphone like Djuice, Bondhu, or Nischinto can’t migrate to Skitto. So, if you are interested, you need to Buy a Skitto connection. This SIM (Connection) design specially for Smartphone users. It is really amazing with the lowest Call Rate, Data, and Features.

Making a connection permanent, Call Rate is very important. At first, people ask the Call Rate before purchase a SIM Card or decide to use a SIM longer. Skitto offers the lowest Call Rate to any Local Number. It means Skitto to Skitto, Skitto to Grameenphone, and Skitto to Other Numbers.

Skitto SIM Call Rate 2022

Let’s Know the Regular Call Rate of Skitto Package (Grameenphone). This call rate updated after increasing the Tax on June 2020 National Budget.

Call TypeTimeTariff in TakaWith VAT, SD & Surcharge in TKPulse
skitto to skitto24 hours0.50/min0.67/min1 Sec
skitto to other GP products0.50/min0.67/min
skitto to any local  number0.50/min0.67/min

Currently, on Community, On-Net and Off-net call system is available. All of these now known as Local call Rate. We have made the Table because people want to know this. Some questions we got like Skitto to Skitto Call rate. So, we have declared all probable answers which our visitor asked.

You can purchase a New Skitto connection from everywhere. All Grameenphone Center is selling Skitto SIM Card. Also, Skitto sales Agent arranges SIM Sales Point everywhere (Especially in a public place) and Sell SIM Card. We have another content where you can know Skitto New SIM Official Price, Activation Bonus, and New Skitto SIM Offer. Just stay with us and get more offers for Skitto users.

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