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Sohana Saba Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Sohana Saba was born in 1970 in Bangladesh and has been acting since her early childhood days. She has appeared in various movies and series and has gained international fame as an actress. Sohana Saba was also a member of the Sohana group which is one of the first television channels in Bangladesh. She has been married to Bangladesh actor Humayun Azmi since 1987.

Height in Inches5′ 5”
Weight in Kilograms50 kg
Weight in Pounds110 lbs
Body Measurements34-25-35

Sohana Saba, better known as Sohana Saba Bangladesh’s first ever actresses, is now a proud Bangladeshi and lives in New York City. Sohana was a very good actress during her early years in Bangladesh and earned a lot of accolades and success but later on turned to be more conservative and modest. Sohana has gone through some ups and downs in her life and still remains passionate about acting, especially if it involves social issues and helps people in the real world. Sohana has been actively participating in online social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

Sohana Saba was married to Humayun Azmi, who was one of the best acting actors when she was still a film star. They have two children, both daughters. They were married for 14 years and have great happiness despite the odds of not being a successful marriage. Today Sohana Saba has a net worth of only $500 US dollars according to her social media accounts but she seems to have enough financial security to support her lovely brood of children. This is great news for the actresses and film lovers in Bangladesh and India as well as those around the world who are hoping to find a way to support their favorite actors and actresses through small businesses like Sohana Saba’s.

Sohana Saba’s first film that will be seen by the public is called ‘Kurban’. It is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and is expected to be a great hit. It is an English language movie, so there should be no problems with the audience understanding the plot or storyline. Sohana Saba will definitely be able to cope with the immense fame that awaits her after premiering in a new genre this year. Sohana Saba has also signed a two-year deal with DreamWorks Animation as a character artist and is expecting to have her own animated series followed by a cameo role in the final episode of the movie.

In the meantime, Sohana Saba has other projects lined up. She has signed a deal with Pantalonsi Media Corporation to act in their upcoming Mankatha film. Sohana Saba will play Mankatha, the aging but passionate warrior who rises again to fulfill his destiny after dying at the hands of some terrorists. Sohana will also be seen alongside Ajit Jhaily and Nitin Sane as Momo. The cast also includes Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Naveen Kaushik and Sushmita Sen in the main roles.

Sohana Saba first came to our notice when she was seen wearing an ankle-length brown Bangladeshi on Rajkumar in the hit comedy ‘Chak De! India, which was famously aired on the famous Indian talk show, Choosing between Rajkumar and Sohana Saba was a tough decision for Rajkumar since he loved Sohana Saba. Sohana Saba is one of the best known Bangladeshi actresses today. Her association with Ajit Jhanuk and Sohana were enough to cement her position in the mind of commoners too.

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