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Soraya Abdullah Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Soraya Abdullah is Indonesian actresses. She is best known for her role as Natasia Patterson in the series Righteous Kill. She also appeared in other television shows such as Damita, Endeavour and Dune. Soraya was born in Jakarta and is of Arab decent. She earned a degree in communications at the University of Southern California.

Soraya grew up in Indonesia, where she first learned to speak English. From an early age, Soraya was interested in being an actress in the making of films and shows. As a teen, she made her first attempt to break into the adult entertainment industry in Indonesia by appearing in a remake of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Her role in the movie resulted in her gaining attention both domestically and overseas, even playing opposite William Shatner in the 2023 movie The Padre Fama Story.

Soraya was also interested in pursuing a career in journalism when it was time to get herself educated for the English language. She joined the Indonesian Film Council in 1998, where she did not receive formal training. It was through a personal recommendation from her sister that got Soraya into the university that would make her famous today. University offered many opportunities for Soraya to pursue her career, but she ultimately decided that teaching and working were more important than ever. In the spring of 2023, Soraya became the first female teacher in the city of Cebu. This was particularly important because Cebu is one of the poorest cities in all of Southeast Asia, and many teachers who chose to live and teach in Cebu were forced out due to the poverty rate.

Soraya continued to live and teach in Cebu throughout the rest of her life until she passed away in February 2023. She had always intended on passing on her love of teaching, and her legacy, to her students. On the day she passed on, Muhammad Senarai was among those present at her funeral. The two men, along with a group of Cebuano artists, had formed the Anak para (Anak Nalan) Arts and Sciences Association. The association is dedicated to continuing the work of Soraya Abdullah and to preserving the Cebuano culture which is so tightly intertwined with the arts.

Intro Indonesian actress
Is Actor
From Indonesia
Type Film, TV, Stage & Radio
Gender Female
Birth 3 August 1978
Age 43 years
Star sign Leo

As a testament to Soraya’s importance as a cultural icon, just hours before she passed on, a team of Cebuano artists were busy redoing an old play called “Lahir.” This play, based on the life of the legendary writer Alamaylo, had been canceled several times over the course of the past few months because of complaints from the community over its use of the word “agama” in the final narration of the play. The word “agama” had been changed to” Lahir” to comply with local ordinances. It is thought that the word change was caused by pressure from the community members who felt threatened by the loss of the play. Over the past several months, however, the play had finally been set to proceed as scheduled.

The first performance of “Lahir” took place in front of a live audience on Tuesday, March 6th. In the pre-performance warm-up, Soraya spoke about her own experiences as a daughter of Cebu and Caminano and the impact that her mother, the late Elisabet de Rios, had on her life. Her words of wisdom included how a woman must never forget where she came from, and how by standing up for her beliefs even when it is not popular or safe to do so, she can help shape her family’s future. Later during the performance, Soraya demonstrated how her mother’s legacy as a catalyst in the creation of the Filipino nation can still be lived in their generation to come through a stirring rendition of her song, “Nang kamali (Irene)” with the group of her musical ensemble, composed of members of her own generation.


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