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Suchorita Premchand, a Bengali movie star, is the latest to join the ranks of the super-talents that are fast becoming the talk of the town. Born in 1991 in the slums of Metis Inuit of Quebec, Suchorita was scouted by Canadian director Michael Bay when he was casting a film in Bangladesh. Although such a small country, Bangladesh had proved itself a major global player in producing some of the best films of all times, and Bay saw the potential of this tiny country as a hunting ground for talented young stars. Suchorita moved to Canada and pursued acting professionally, landing a role in the award-winning Amityville franchise.

AGE (in 2021)63 Years Old
HEIGHTin centimeters- 160 cm
in meters- 1.6 m
in Feet Inches- 5’ 2”
WEIGHTin Kilograms- 68 kg
in Pounds- 149.91 lbs

Suchorita soon developed a reputation for being versatile, and it was then that she decided to take on a different avatar for herself. In her first movie as Suchorita, titled Suchorita Bhai, she portrayed a gangster sister who was loyal to her brother, fighting off rival gangs with a barrage of killer moves. This movie was an instant hit and made Suchorita a name among the world’s top actresses. Then came the role of Baby Helen in Hangar NDI Grenadore, where she played the role of a young Indian girl who falls in love with an American serviceman from Chicago (in one of the most heart-warming and romantic sequences in cinema). Suchorita did a great job in this film and gained much respect from the Indian community for her performances.

There have been a lot of Hindi movies where Suchorita has played such a pivotal role. The first of these is Kaal Bhai Kaal Kiya in 1997, which revolves around the story of a young boy brought up in a foster home in India, who turns out to be the luckiest member of a family, who travels to America. Suchorita has a terrific cameo in the movie as the owner of a dance club, where the boy meets his future love, and gets introduced to the language, and culture. After this, there have been several other movie parts for Suchorita in movies such as Anesthesia, Jodha Akbar, and Mankatha.

Another role that Suchorita has played recently, in a Hindi movie called Angrier, is that of inspector Shehnaz. In this movie, she stars as Priyadarshan, a senior superintending police inspector. The role of Suchorita is important in this Hindi film, as it shows what a tough and dedicated police officer should be like. As compared to typical Hindi films, where the female characters are usually sexy, and the hero is either a bachelor or is desirous of getting married, here the character of Suchorita is given a more traditional Indian girl’s character, and is shown to be as tough, as expected, but yet resourceful, as well. The role of Suchorita also helped the Hindi movie to get banned in some countries for being inappropriate.

Suchorita did not start her career as a singing sensation, but began to hone her skills as a singer after joining the army. Though she was scrawny and weakly built, her talent for music was unquestioned, as she could sing with ease and keep her audiences entertained. Her first hit was MaDal, in which she simply belts out the tune. Then she made her film debut in the Hindi film called Bhumika in which she appears alongside Aishwarya Rai, who also had a major role.

After her first two major roles in Hindi films, Suchorita went on to play roles in many more films, and although she has not acted in Hollywood films but has rather, carved a niche for herself as one of the great Indian female singers. Other than MaDal, Suchorita was known to act in a few romantic films and even had a role in a very good Malayalam movie. However, it is her association with Rajkumar Kohli, that is perhaps her greatest claim to fame. In one of her films, Kohli’s character goes missing, and Suchorita ends up helping him find his way back home. Though such a small role in a big movie like Baahubali, such a role model for women must have created a huge impact on Suchorita, and she is today seen as a glamorous siren, with a soft and gentle voice, and a truly charming personality.

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