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Sukma Ayu Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Sukma Ayu is an Ayurvedic practitioner that lives in Southern California. He is described as a spiritual teacher with the ability to heal and transform lives. One of his many talents includes being a Reiki healer. Sukma Ayu is credited as the person that founded the discipline of Reiki. Others have claimed that he developed the healing method that is known today as Reiki, but others are not as convinced of this claim.

Name: Sukma Ayu Age at Death: 24 years (age at death) Body found: Body was not burned. Sukma Ayu’s ashes were also found and given to his family. A ceremony was held to mark the birth of his first wife, Nanda. She was his wife for 5 years and was known as Nanda Sukshma, or Mother Nature.

Popular As N/A
Occupation Actress,model
Age 25 years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Born 10 November 1979
Birthday 10 November
Birthplace Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of death 25 September 2004,
Died Place West Java, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia

A story has it that Sukma Ayu went searching for her son after he was born. He came upon a “shrine” where he believed there would be a powerful being. He believes this was the Kundalini symbol and that he must go there in order to find his son. When he arrived, there was no one at the “shrine”. He explained this by saying that he was told that this place was sacred to the spirits of ancient beings. He explained that he could not see inside, but felt a presence, and sensed that some energy was trapped within the stones.

According to legend, Sukma Ayu gathered the following during his quest: a golden egg, a cactus, an emerald, a turtle shell, an ox horn, peacock feathers, a feather, a rooster’s feather, an ankh, and peacock feathers. Some accounts say that Sukma traveled for seven miles from his home looking for the mystical objects. Hearers of the tales say that he found the sacred temple with the powerful being locked inside. The power reportedly opened when he threw the sacred egg at the center of the temple. The egg split and rose into the sky, where it eventually became a Ten November.

Sukma Ayu’s life spanned most of the decade of the twentieth century. He is said to have been rich and famous throughout his life. On the day of his death, however, it was reported that he had only $40 in his bankbook. This is a very modest income, especially considering his net worth, which was estimated at well over a million dollars by one Thai newspaper. His only child, Kasma, was reported to be a student who never received a single salary from the film industry because her father believed she would fail.

Sukma Ayu is not the only legendary figure from Thailand who has become a cult hero. There are many other legends and myths that have been attached to the lives of Thailand’s great leaders. For instance, there is the Legend of King Muha Poh: he is said to have killed a snake, drank its blood and became the first king of Thailand. There is also Songkranay Legend: this involves a young boy who falls into a well and is transformed into a dragon.


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