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Taapsee Pannu Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Taapsee Pannu was born in New Delhi, India on 1st August 1987. She is an Indian movie actress, who primarily operates in Hindi Film Industry. She has been in a relationship with Barkha Dittay, since 1993. She went to Abingdon College and joined Abingdon Pictures where she acted in her first film “Chak De! Pakistan” in 1994.

From that day she has worked on varied projects and has gained immense success and has gone on to act in more than thirty films in the American, Canadian, Portuguese and Thai industries. She has set various records as an actress in India and abroad and has been nominated for Film Farewell Certificate, Golden Globe Awards and countless other awards in the foreign countries. She has also won the Best Actress Award at the MTV Movie Awards in the European and Australian festivals. Her biography shows that Taapsee has been studying acting since she was young and grew up in a family that supported her and encouraged her.

Famous Name: Taapsee Pannu
Full Name: Taapsee Pannu
Gander: Female
Date of Birth: August 1, 1987
Age: 33 years 11 months 24 days
Birthplace: New Delhi, India
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Net Worth: $6 Million Dollars (As in 2023)
Famous for: She is famous for her role in Vandhaan Vendraan (2011)
Father: Dilmohan Singh Pannu
Mother: Nirmaljeet Pannu
Sister(s): Shagun Pannu
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.65 m)
Weight: 52 kg (As in 2023)
Bra Size: 32B
Chest Size: 32 inches
Waist Size: 24 inches
Hips Size: 34 inches
Eyes Color: Black
Hairs Color: Black
Measurements: 32-24-34 inches
Body Shape: Slim
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Leo

She was born in Delhi and her early years were spent in rented accommodation in an eastern suburb of the city. Her parents had taken her two sisters to live in the slums of Noida, when she was three. Her childhood was one of neglect and she even experienced sleeping in the dog pile. As an adult she continued to work in the garment industry and later in her career she honed her acting skills. She was married to a filmmaker in 1994 and they had a daughter called Nandita.

In between her two marriage to her husband she went to join the Bombay Film Institute where she pursued specialization in acting. She studied Hindi films with an immensely famous teacher called Kurna Nagar. She also worked on some lesser known Indian movies and even tried her hand at drawing but was disappointed with the results. She then joined the immensely popular Actors Training School in Mumbai, where she honed her acting skills along with reading extensively and began to work steadily on her first Indian film called Khaleja.

Taapsee Pannu’s official biographers do not mention any awards for acting that she may have received but it is obvious from her role in Bandapani (first film in Hindi) that she is best known as an actress who can play the lead roles in major movies. In fact her filmography mostly includes Hindi movies. She has been associated with some of the most important Bollywood films of the last three decades, where she has mainly worked as an actress and has acted in some key roles. Among her first major roles were in Ra kayak, Baahubali, Bandit (also starring Amitabh Bachan), Jodha Akbar, Kyaavta (also starring Sharukh Khan and Mukesh Bhatt), Hapyar Kiya and Aabara.

After working on various Indian movies for the past three decades Taapsee Pannu finally retired from the Bollywood industry. She shifted to Mumbai to live in the new Delhi and has mainly worked on Telugu and Telangana movies. Even today in her spare time she spends her time volunteering in different organisations that help women. Most of the times she spends this time with the mukulkhas and widows of the villages that are located near her house.

Till recently Taapsee Pannu’s only movie that ever played in all four languages was Kaal Bhairav. However, since the launch of the Tamil version of Kaal Bhairav she has acted in almost all the Tamil movies made in India and is even set to act in a special episode of the ongoing Baahubali TV series. Apart, from that her most famous role in recent times is that of Jodha Akbar, a character in Baahubali. This role was originally played by Naveen Kaushik in the first installment of the Baahubali franchise. Other than those two major roles in Baahubali and Jodha Akbar, Taapsee Pannu has been in some films such as Yaa Din Ka Savant, Tintin, Taapsee Mahan, Tintin ya Kiya and Tintin Nyaor.


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