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Tareen Jahan Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Husband & Pictures

Tareen Jahan was born in Bangladesh and is of Indian origin. Tareen Jahan was an actress in the popular TV sitcom, MBC Hip Hop Television. Tareen Jahan was also a singer and actress in several other television shows and plays. Tareen Jahan has been nominated thrice for anume at the Satellite Awards, which is given by the International Television Media Awards.

Name Tarin Jahan
Date of birth 26 July1976
Birth Place Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation TV Actress, model, singer
Years active 1988-present
Height 5 feet 3 inch
Weight 65 Kg
Skin Color Fair
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Divorce
Husband/Boyfriend Drama producer, Director Shohel Arman (Divorce)
Children No
First TV Drama Ei Shob Din Ratri
Other Dramas Kathalburi, Maya, Rajkonna, Chhayabrita, Bono Chaltar Gaye, Jotsna O Tar Jol, My Husband My Hero, Onucched 71, Delishia Hotya etc and movies Pirit Roton Pirit Joton and Kajoler Dinratri etc.
TVC Sharif Pressure Cooker, Fresh Premium Tea, Bexi Fabrics, Chaser Cold drinks, Berger Robbialac etc.
Awards Meril Prothom Alo Awards
Others activities Notun Kuri (1982) First in Acting, Dancing, Story Telling

Tareen Jahan has been through a lot of ups and downs in her acting career. In the early nineties, Tareen Jahan was one of the hottest and best known Bangladesh actresses. Tareen Jahan went through a number of romantic love stories and even became married to one of the country’s most popular television actors, Salim Ali. Tareen Jahan was married to Ali Shaidar, who was a prominent character in the hit comedy series, MBC Hip Hop Television, until 2021.

Tareen Jahan has been rumoured to be married to various members of the Bangladesh film industry. Her former agent was quoted as saying that Tareen Jahan was married to six different people, all of them belonging to the Bangla community. Tareen Jahan denied this and maintained that she was just a teenager when she got married. Tareen Jahan and her family have always maintained that she was just a teenager when her marriage to Salim Ali took place.

Tareen Jahan’s first marriage to an Indian citizen was to Anoushik Behra who was a prominent leader of the Hindu Maha Partisans. Tareen Jahan was listed as an accomplice in the murder of Gandhi. Tareen Jahan has always maintained that she was not involved in the killing of Gandhi and has remained happy and successful in her role as a Bangla Deshi.

Tareen Jahan has not been without controversies or conflicts of interest in her recent acting career. Tareen Jahan’s first major acting role was in the film, Boom, where she played the role of an executioner. Tareen Jahan was a minor character in Boom and never received critical acclaim for this role.

Tareen Jahan’s other roles in recent films have been either problematic or offensive to sections of the Indian society. She has been criticized for her films such as Humko Ghazab Kahani, where she shows her butt in the film. Tareen Jahan’s other contribution to Bengali cinema is her supporting role in the movie, Baahubali. In this film, Tareen Jahan plays the role of an evil Queen in the role of Baahubali. Tareen Jahan has not been successful in her attempts at celluloid stardom and has not been given a big time role in future films in Bollywood.

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