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Teachers Day 2021 in Malaysia takes place on the first Sunday of the month of March. In this day, teachers from all over the country celebrate Teachers Day. It is a time for recognition, thanks and appreciation of teachers who have dedicated their time and effort to making school systems better and safer for students. Teachers Day is also a time for community and government celebrations which are aimed at creating awareness of the need for a better tomorrow and how the contributions of teachers can be maximized for such a purpose. On this day, students and school staff can go about with their normal routines, while parents and teachers send their best wishes to each other. Here is a list of events that take place in and around Kuala Lumpur during Teachers Day:

The traditional event of the day is an event to celebrate Teachers Day in the classroom. This event can either be an event organized by the school itself or done by the school’s committee to raise funds for the cause. The event can be a simple classroom gathering or may include activities like a bake sale or other planned activity that requires money to participate in. The event can be held in any part of the school and as long as money is required, the event should be conducted with the teacher as the guest of honor. This is a special day to recognize the efforts of teachers not only in the education sector but also in the community as a whole.

On the morning of Teachers Day, the Education Ministry will hold a meeting to discuss the next phase of the event. The meeting may involve the themes for the event and can be attended by Education Minister Syedu Raja Perrin, Malaysian Social Development Minister Tiah Lok said in a statement. The theme of the meeting may be to discuss how the event can benefit the education sector. It is expected that the theme of the meeting would be “teacher-centric education sector seminars.”

On the second day of Teachers Day, the celebrations are taken to the classrooms where the work of the previous year is celebrated. Teachers may present their awardees with certificates. Students will give speeches and share their experiences in the classroom. It is expected that the students who have just graduated will dedicate some time on the dais to hand out their appreciation to their teachers. Student leaders may also hold short speeches during the gathering to encourage the students to maintain discipline in the classroom. Other teachers from other states or from other parts of the country will travel to the district to celebrate Teachers Day.

Teachers Day Quotes 2021 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Text, SMS & Image:

guru ki urja surya-si, ambar-sa vistaar,
guru ki garima se bada, nahin kaheen akar.
guru ka sadsaannidhy hi,jag mein hain upahar,
prastar ko kshan-kshan gadhe, moorat ho taiyar.

buddhimaan ko buddhi dete aur agyaani ko gyaan
shiksha se hi ban sakata hain mera desh mahaan

guru ki mahima hai agam, gaakar tarata shishy.
guru kal ka anumaan kar, gadhata aaj bhavishy.

guru govind dou khade kaake laagoon paay.
balihaari guru aapane govind diyo bataay.

guru aapake upakaar ka
kaise chukaoon main mol.
laakh kimati dhan bhala
guru hain mera anamol.

aarooni ki gurubhakti se
hamane shiksha pai hai
kabeer jaise mahaan sant ne
guru ki mahima gai hai

guruvar ke charanon mein rahakar
hamane shiksha pai hai
galat raah par bhatake jab ham
to guruvar ne raah dikhai hai

jal jaata hai vo die ki tarah,
kai jivan roshan kar jaata hai.
kuchh isi tarah se har guru,
apana pharj nibhaata hai.

Happy Teachers Day Shayari 2021– Teachers Day Shayari Hindi Me:

After the mother and father, their teachers hold the most important place in the life of any student or child. They teach us everything, which is very useful for us in the future. Say thank you to your teacher for their hard work with these HappyTteachers’ Day Shayari in Hindi and Urdu language.

Aap se hi seekha, aap se hi jaana,
Aap hi ko humne guru hai mana,
Seekha hai sab kuch Aapse humne
Shiksha ka Matlab aap se hai Jana

            Guru Brahma; Gurur Vishnu;
Guru Devo Maheshwara;
Guru Sakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha.

Jeevan ke har andhere me
Roshani dikhatey hai aap
Band ho jate h jab sare darwaje
Naya rasta dikhate hain aap,
Sirf kitaabi gyaan hi nahi
Jeevan Jeena skate hai AAP

Maa- Baap ki murat hai guru
Kalyug me bhagwan ki surat hai guru
Akshar Gyan Hi Nahi
Guru ne sikhaya jeevan gyaan
Guru-Mantra ko aatmsaat kar
Ho jao bhavsagar se paar

On the last day of Teachers Day, the celebrations will end and the day will be marked as Teachers Day Allergy Day. Representatives from the Education Ministry, local school administrators, teachers’ groups and parents will gather at the district office to deliver speeches. A banquet will be organized where local dishes will be served to guests. The banquet will be capped off with a performance by students from the school. The event is organized to raise funds for teachers and to recognize the hard work of teachers both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Gifts will also be distributed to students for special projects that they can accomplish with their school work.

Teachers Day is observed on the sixth Sunday of April in most schools across the United States of America. Teachers are recognized for their hard work and many teachers choose this day to bring in a paycheck. Students and parents alike are inspired by the dedication of teachers to teach young children. This recognition is shown by the students and their families who celebrate Teachers Day in any way possible.

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