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Teletalk Sotoborsho Free SIM Offer 2023: Free Internet, Minute & Call Rate

In Teletalk Sotoborsho Free SIM Offer 2023 you will get 17 GB free internet 100 minutes talk time and 100 free SMS which is valid for 30 days. To celebrate the Mujib Year, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has launched a centenary package for all the people of Bangladesh. Customers get some special benefits in this package which is not available in other Teletalk packages. In addition, on the occasion of Mujib Year celebrations, customers are getting 100-year SIMs for free. All Teletalk subscribers who want to collect Century SIM must know the principles of Century SIM collection. Because Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has some restrictions on buying SIM.

You know that the number of Teletalk subscribers is very low and that is why Teletalk wants to add some new subscribers to their network by providing free SIM. With this objective in mind, Teletalk is providing Sotoborsho SIMs through its customer care centres and in the open field. A mobile phone customer can collect this SIM from anywhere if he wants. There is no need to pay for the collection of SIM but you have to fulfil some conditions to get it for free. Century SIM benefits and SIM collection conditions are mentioned below.

Teletalk Sotoborsho Free SIM Offer

Terms of buying Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM

Three hundred years have been allocated for all citizens of Bangladesh. If you are not a Teletalk subscriber, you can collect two Sotoborsho SIMs at the same time absolutely free. If you are already a Teletalk subscriber and have registered a Teletalk SIM under your National Identity Card then you can collect a Sotoborsho SIM. If you have two or more Teletalk SIMs registered under your National Identity Card, you will not be able to collect any Centenary SIM.

However, if you want, you can delete the Teletalk SIM that you do not use from the Teletalk Customer Care Center. If successfully deleted you can re-collect Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM from any Teletalk Customer Care or open platform where Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM is being sold.

Benefits of Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM

A customer can collect the SIM for free by recharging Tk 50 from Teletalk Customer Care. If a customer collects a SIM without a customer care centre, a recharge condition of up to a maximum of BDT 100 may apply. After successful activation, the customer will get BDT 100 in the main account. It will come with 17 GB free internet, 100 minutes free talk time and 100 free SMS. Bonuses will be valid for 30 days. Customers will be able to know the main account balance and other bonuses by *152 #.

Benefits of Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM

Call Rate

Sotoborsho customers can talk for 47 paisa per minute on any local number in the country. 1-second pulse applies. This offer will be activated automatically as soon as the SIM is activated. Customers will also be able to send SMS at any rate of 30 paisa to any number in the country and will be able to use the internet at paper usage at one taka per MB.

Particulars Rate Usage
Voice Call (any local number) 47paisa/min 24 Hours
Pulse 1 Second 24 Hours
SMS (any local number) 30 Paisa 24 Hours
Pay-per-use 15KB / 1paisa 24 Hours

Special internet offer

Customers of the Teletalk Sotoborsho Package will be able to avail themselves of some special internet offers in their Sotoborsho SIM. Among the special offers is a 2 GB internet Pack for 15 days with only 17 taka recharge. Without research, the customer can receive a 2GB internet package from their mail account balance for 15 taka which is valid for 15 days. To avail of the offer dial *111*17#. The package can be purchased once in 15 days and a maximum of twice per month. Dial *152# for internet balance and expiration date.

Special call rate

Teletalk Sotoborsho customers will be able to avail of some more special call rate offers. Customers can avail of the call rate offer of 45 paisa per minute by recharging Tk 34 for a period of 10 days. Customers will also be able to avail of the call rate offer of 45 paisa per minute for a recharge of Tk 79 for a period of 30 days. The recharge amount will be in the main balance which can be checked by dialling *152#.

Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM Migration Procedure

Other Teletalk customers can avail these offers and benefits by migrating to the Sotoborsho package if they wish. To do this, write S100 from your current Teletalk connection and send it to 888. No SMS charges apply. Within 72 hours of successfully sending the SMS, you will be transferred to the Sotoborsho Package via a confirmation SMS. If the migration is not successful for any reason, you need to visit the nearest Teletalk Customer Care Center with that SMS. A Teletalk customer service representative will investigate your case and help your migration succeed.

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