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Telkom Contact number, Support Email, Customer Service Address

Telkom contact (South Africa)Telkom Contact: Telkom is one of the most popular Telco companies in South Africa. It is a Wireline and Wireless Telecommunication Service Provider. Currently, It is providing service on 38 Countries over the World. Here, you can find Telkom (South Africa) Contacts (Customer Service) and other information. Telkom Helpline, Contact Number, Email Address, and Office Addresses are available. The user of Telkom needs to contact Hotline number for Activating Data Plan, Tariff Plan, Talk Time Bundle, or others. Also, the customer can get information about Telkom available Product and Service like Prepaid Subscription, Postpaid Subscription, New connection, Current Offer, Promotion, and more.

We have added Telekom Customer Service to all processes here with you. You can talk to them, Email to them or visit Customer Service offices to get service quickly. Also, the Online Community of Telekom will help you with getting support quickly. Social media Profile of Telekom is listed on this post. So that you can follow them quickly on social media to see the latest offer, promotion, and every news of Telekom.

About Telkom (South Africa)

You know that Telkom is a Telecom company that operates in South Africa. Currently, it is operating in 32 African Countries. It is founded in 1991. With this long time of operation, they improved their service many times and got more customers. Many people know that Telkom is a government Telecom Operator of South Africa. They are not fully wrong. Total 40% owned by the Government of South Africa.

It is providing Mobile Service, Home & Business Class Product, and Service on several countries including Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Under Mobile Service, Phones & Devices, Contracts, Prepaid, Data Deals, and Upgrade system is available. Under Home Category, you will get Wireless Internet, Fibre Internet, Landlines, ADSL Internet, Phones & Modems. Under the Business section, you will get Mobile Contracts, Wireless Internet, Fibre Internet, and ADSL Internet.

Telkom contact number

To get the Customer Service of Telkom, you can call Telkom Customer Care Number. Also, other queries or complaints can be done through Customer Service. Now, follow the below Contact number and get your Service shortly.

  • Hotline Number (Call Center) – 10210 or 0800115357
  • Business Helpline Number – 10217
  • Complaints – (+27)126785580
  • Report Fraud – 0800124000

You can get many services by calling these Numbers. So, see the list of services on below.

Telkom Head Office

Generally, customer don’t need to visit Head Office of any Service Providers. But, we’re sharing the Contact Address of Telkom Head Office for Business users. If need, follow & Visit the Head Office.

Telkom Towers North,

152 Proes Street, Pretoria

Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: +27 12 311 5750

Social Media Profile Link

Every people now use Social Media for spending time. It is a very easy process to communicate with friends and family members quickly. Also, a user can know the activities of others on social media. So, Telekom Social Media profile allows you to get updates about their Product and Service quickly.

Telkom Customer Service Email Address

Email Support is very important for both customers and Service Providers. Many times, Customers need to share Screenshot, or Proof of any activities while making a complaint. So, Telkom users now can send an Email to the official Email Address to get a solution to their problem.

How many Service you will get on Telkom Customer care?

All Products and Service Related Information you will get on the Customer care calling. Nothing to describe but if you have any confusion, you can get it clearly.

  • Sales Related Information
  • Billing Information
  • New Connection
  • Product Price
  • Queries of All Products
  • Create a New Complaint or Know Previous Complaint Status or Result
  • Business query

Here is the parent topic only. Many child topics under these categories will be served. So, don’t forget to contact the Call Center.

Finally, we want to tell you that you can make a comment if you want to share any problem with us. Any information which can be improved this content will be accepted. We hope you got your Service.


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