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Terry Crews Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Kids, Family, & Net Worth

Terry Crews is one of those incredibly few American celebrities who has managed to live a successful and interesting life outside of the professional wrestling business. Terry has managed to live a unique lifestyle, working with both the WWE and TNA, traveling the world, and even acting in films. His real life is an extremely interesting one, as Terry Crews has achieved great success in all areas of his life. Terry Crews was born in Scarborough, North Carolina. He is married to Debbie Crews, with whom he has three children.

Terry Crews was an extremely talented wrestler during his early years in the wrestling business. He won the National High School wrestling championship three times, as a senior, and was named the US National Champion at the age of 16. He was also an All American Junior Wrestler for the University of Alabama, winning the national title twice. However, it was on the college circuit that Terry Crews truly made his mark, becoming known as an all-time great wrestler with a diverse array of skills. Terry Crews even boxed for the University of Alabama.

Terry Crews has had the honor of being a WWE World Heavyweight Champ three times. His reign as champ ended at the 2021 Summer Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT. Terry was also the longest reigning WWE champion of all time at that time. During his reign as WWE champion, Terry cut a rather entertaining promo for the audience after losing a match to Hulk Hogan. In this promo, Terry made reference to his lengthy and colorful career, saying he had been in the trenches and had seen it all, including the death of his first wife. He ended his promo with the now infamous “Terry Crews had sex on her boat” statement, which has become infamous even amongst casual fans.

Terry Crews is also known for his acting prowess. He has spent the last decade or so playing a number of characters, most notably in the movies 300 and Conan The Barbarian. Terry has made quite a few memorable appearances as Achilles in the movie of the same name, and also as Darius on the TV series Arsenlin, Terry’s acting repertoire also includes appearances on Smallville, Stargate: SG1 and The Shield.

Name Terry Crews
Real Name Terry Alan Crews
Pet / Nick Name
Nationality United States
Profession Football Player, Television Actor, Video Game Artist, Television Presenter, Voice Artist, Artist, Comedian
Origin United States

Age, Dob, Birthplace, zodiac, star sign

Terry Crews Age (Current) 52 years, 10 month, 12 days
Date Of Birth (DOB) Tuesday, July 30, 1968 (M/D/Y)Tuesday, July 30, 1968 (M/D/Y)
Birthplace Flint ,
Genesee, Michigan
Zodiac Sign Leo
Star Sign (Nakshatra)

Death Details

Alive Or Dead
Date Of Death (DOD) — (M/D/Y)
After DeathTimeline Not Applicable

Terry Crews is also well known for his love of wrestling. He is listed among the best wrestlers of all-time, and is a four-time WWE Champion. On the mic, Terry often refers to his love of wrestling, and how that has influenced his wrestling career. He is a huge wrestling fan, and when he gets the chance he goes to see the Raw and Smackdown shows in person. He enjoys talking about his favorite matches and talking with other people in the business about his favorite wrestlers. Terry is extremely loyal to his friends in the business and will do anything for them.

Terry Crews has truly become a superstar in his own right. He has won the world wrestling championship three times and has been able to build a legendary reputation in the industry. He is a true professional, a lovable character, and a wrestling fanatic. Terry Crews is making famous every day. His star has risen high, and his life has also become remarkable.

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