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Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School Admission Circular 2023

Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School Admission Circular 2023 has been published. The Admission Circular for class 6 of the 2023 academic year can be found on the admission website of Teletalk Govt School and the official website of Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School. Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School is located in the heart of Thakurgaon city. The school was established in 1875, and after various naming, it was finally renamed Thakurgaon High School in 1906 by the then Divisional Commissioner of Rajshahi Division. It is a reputed educational institution in Thakurga district that attracts all the students of the district. Everyone’s dream is to study at Thakurgaon Govt Boys’ High School. But who gets the opportunity to learn in Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School?

The Lottery Result will be published on December 30, 2023. Admission results of all Govt schools for the 2023 academic year will be published on this day. Not exactly admitted this is the lottery result. The wheel of the lottery will turn. Who is lucky enough to get the opportunity, or those who have not had the opportunity so far will get the chance to go to Govt schools? The answer to this question is unknown to us. When the software-based lottery is held, no one can say who will get the opportunity to study in Govt schools this time. And there is no point in exaggerating when the only goal is to go straight to the application form. Read the notification below carefully and complete all the activities related to admission within the stipulated time.

Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School Admission Circular 2023

Admission results of Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School will be published on December 30. Students will be selected for admission through the lottery after cancelling the admission test this year. Here we are providing admission notification from where you can know the schedule of the online application. You will also learn how to pay the admission fee. You can also download the circular from the Teletalk Govt School Admission website if you wish. Many of you know how to fill out an application form.

Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School Admission Result 2023

Those of you who have come to know the admission results, download the PDF file below now. In this file, we have provided the list of selected boys of Thakurgaon Govt Boys High School in the morning and day shifts. From this list, you can easily find out if you have been admitted. Since the examination was not held this time, no meritorious student or parent can insist that they are eligible for admission. An automatic software controls the lottery process.

If you want to know any information regarding admission to Govt school in 2023, please let us know in the comments, and we will contact our admission team. The Govt school admissions team will answer your question soon.


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