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Thiago Silva Net Worth, age, height, weight, religion, position, wife & more

Thiago Silva is currently playing at the age of 33. Thiago Silva is one of those players who have given a lot of credit to the sport and its traditions. Thiago Silva actually played football even when he was very young, and he started out playing as a forward for the youth soccer team of his home country, Brazil. Thiago Silva is a versatile player for both club and country, and he has become a very popular figure in Brazil and all around the world. Thiago Silva’s younger years are spent with the Brazilian team, while he later played for three years for AC Milan and then at Real Madrid in Spain.

Thiago Silva’s most notable achievement so far is winning the right position on the plane of the Brazilian squad for the World Cup this summer. Thiago Silva became the first central defender selected by the Brazil coach Pele, and Thiago Silva is now very well known throughout the world as one of the best young defenders. Thiago Silva Net Worth – Thiago Silva is not a household name yet in the annals of footballing statistics, but there is no doubt that Thiago Silva is earning a lot of money playing football. Thiago Silva is earning a good salary at AC Milan as a central defender, and though he may not be leading the line for the Italian side, he is definitely an important part of the team.

First name: Thiago
Surname: Silva
Team: Chelsea
National:  Brazil
Position: Defender
Height: 183cm
Weight: 79kg
Birth date: 1984-09-22 (37 years old)

Thiago Silva Net Worth – Thiago Silva is earning a lot of money playing football, and it looks like he might be making a steady income for the next few years too. Thiago Silva started out at Fluminense, before moving on to Vasco Da Gama in Brazil. Thiago Silva started off playing left back but moved onto right back after just one season at Vasco Da Gama. Thiago Silva is now very well known throughout the Brazilian footballing world and even made a short cameo appearance during the MLS season last year. Thiago Silva has also played for the Spanish national team a couple of times, although he did not manage to qualify for the Spain squad for the Euros this summer. Thiago Silva’s international career is limited at the moment, but he does have the experience and the knowledge of the game to thrive at any club in the future.

Thiago Silva’s younger brothers, Thiago Junior and Thiago Silva were also signed by AC Milan from fluminense as kids, but Thiago Silva is now the main star. Thiago Silva’s father, Renato, plays a prominent role within the family, and Thiago often refers to his father as ‘mono efecta’ or perfect captain. Thiago Silva’s younger half-brother, Thiago Silva is also highly talented football player, and many consider Thiago Silva to be better than his brother because of his dedication and work ethic, as well as his love of the game. Thiago Silva’s best chance of playing for the Brazil team in the future may come if he is given a big call up to the Brazil team as soon as he turns eighteen years old. Right now Thiago Silva is simply on his way up and is not yet considered a top priority by the national team coach.

Thiago Silva is currently the most natural choice as Borja Valero’s deputy captain, or vice captain in the Brazilian national side. Thiago Silva is versatile on the right flank, but also has some defensive attributes to him that might see him become a good full back in the coming years. Thiago Silva also started on the left wing when he was a youngster for Internazionale, and he is still comfortable playing there. Thiago Silva is an extremely nice passer of the ball and has a great understanding of how the game is played.

Thiago Silva’s greatest attribute could be his family – he has a whole entourage of family who support him, and all of them are extremely excited about his successes at the rio. Thiago Silva is also very humble, and it shows in his attitude on the training field. Thiago Silva is an incredibly exciting young Brazilian international defender and has all the physical ability to make him a useful player for the Brazil team in the future. He also has a great heart and is very family oriented as well.

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