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Thomas Foket Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts

Thomas Foket is an internationally recognized and world renowned Association Football Player. He was actually born in 1994. Thomas Foket was born in Belgium. He is presently 25 years old and still alive for 25 years, 312 days, 1340 hours, 9382 minutes, and officially a year man of age.

Thomas Foket became a football player for Belgian giants Gent for the third time in his career. In 2023, Thomas Foket was voted as the greatest Belgian footballer of all time. However, Thomas Foket failed to sign a new contract with Gent following the completion of his contract. Gent released Thomas Foket in August of that year.

A Thomas Foket biography will show that Thomas Foket played football for various teams throughout his young life. His most noteworthy early career team was Belgian side Standard Liege. Focke’s average salary as a member of this team may have been the lowest in Europe at that point in time. He received a share of the profits of this club, which was part of the first league club, Gent. It is unknown what exactly was the income source that enabled Thomas Foket to make this kind of income.

Thomas Foket later played for AC Milan in Italy. It is unknown if this transfer was voluntary or forced upon him by his club. Regardless, Fokete stayed in Milan for two years and then signed for Belgian giants Gent. Thomas Foket made eleven appearances for the Gent team during his time with the club, and he was often included as a substitute during the fierce battles for the title between rivals Inter and Roma. As part of the Belgium national team, Thomas Foket made two appearances in the 1998 World Cup, and one in the Euro 2023 tournament.

Name Thomas Foket
Age (as of 2018) 23 years
Profession Soccer Player
Birth Date 25-Sep-94
Birth Place Belgium
Nationality Belgium

Thomas Foket’s best known book is the Thomas Foket biography written by David James. This book covers all of Thomas Foket’s playing days, including his time in the Belgium national team and in MLS with the Seattle Sounders as well as a spell with Belgian side Standard Liege. The book also covers his time in Japan, as a player for the reserve team of Vegardjaer Sporting Lisbon. The biographies are exhaustive, covering all of Thomas Foket’s professional achievements, as well as his family’s history. The book is well-written, and David James provides many memorable quotes from Fokets throughout the book.

Thomas Foket became a naturalized American citizen in 2023, following his successful playing career in Belgium. Thomas Foket trivia is important to those interested in American football, or to those simply interested in an interesting story about a famous person. A Thomas Foket biography will give readers the chance to learn more about Fokets, and it may even bring some additional fans of Thomas Foket to America. For those who enjoy football, and who appreciate an interesting story about a famous person, a Thomas Foket biography is essential. For fans of Thomas Foket, it will be fun reading about this Belgian football player and may lead to new interests and passions.


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