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Thomas Ong Height, Weight & Physical Stats and more info.

Thomas Ong is a well-known Chinese actor. He was born in 1969 in Singapore and his birth place is Singapore. Thomas is best known as, Singaporean artist and popular television host who are best known for playing Ye Zhengfu in the latest 2023 film 29th February. He has also appeared in some films which are set in Asia and Middle East, including Dragon Sands, The Fantastic Four: Rise of Mr. X and Men in Black.



Bio / Wiki
Full Name Thomas Ong
Occupation Actor
Age 52
Date of Birth February 1, 1969
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Aquarius
Country Singapore
Gender Male

Thomas Ong first became famous in his role as biren in the musical All I Really Need Is Romance. Thomas Ong was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series for his part in the show 1st Rate. Thomas continued to receive accolades for his role in the musical as well as for his performance as given in the movie. Thomas Ong trivia will show that Thomas first came to America to pursue his acting career when he was cast as Yeazard in the musical All I Really Need Is Romance.

On February 1st, 2023, Thomas Ong was featured on the Chinese national television CCTV for a portrait shoot. In this portrait Thomas Ong wore his traditional way kerchief (a day is the traditional outfit for a boy during Chinese New Year), which is typically blue in color. During the portrait Thomas Ong’s character was shown in a white headband and was sitting in front of a large blue pond with a small boat in the background.

Thomas Ong’s official Facebook profile states that he was born in Singapore and that his parents are American. His father, Robert Ong, worked for the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. His mother, Trinh Huat, was a highly successful Singaporean actress. Thomas Ong made three children while still a teenager. His son Ong Siat, now a toddler, is his only child. Thomas Ong trivia will show that Thomas Ong learned English at school in Hawaii when he was very young.

If you would like to find out how Thomas Ong measures up as an actor in our celebrity world, check out our Thomas Ong Net Worth page. On this page you will see information regarding Thomas Ong’s Net Worth, some photos and biographies. Additional information about Thomas Ong’s career can also be found on our Thomas Ong: Biography page. In this article, we will learn about Thomas Ong’s birthday, his full name, birth date, birth place, first job, work experience, favorite films, and much more. Now that you have learned about Thomas Ong, you should visit our Thomas Ong Net Worth page to discover Thomas ong’s net worth, biography, dates and photos.

You may also contact Thomas Ong through his agent, Linda Sasso. Thomas Ong has appeared in a number of popular movies, including Bruce Lee’s Easy Going Girl and Michael Caine’s Kung Mangarap Ka. Additionally, Thomas Ong received an Academy Award nomination for his role as Dr. Lee in Bruce Almighty. Linda Sasso is currently acting as a casting agent for martial arts films.

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