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Timothy Castagne Net Worth, Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Timothy Castagne is a colorful and likable association manager. Born in Belgium, he had a lifelong passion for football. But injuries were a major hindrance to his professional career. He became a coach at age 32 and was appointed as the assistant manager of a Belgian club Kerkroten in the late eighties. He managed to earn a reputation as one of the best coaches of that time. Timothy’s managerial skills earned him a job as an assistant manager in England and then as an assistant manager at Sporting Lisbon.

Timothy Castagne retired from coaching and took up acting. He appeared in some movies, including the movie ‘lderoid’ and followed this up with a role in the TV series ‘Heroes’. Timothy Castagne was then snapped up by AC Milan as a coach at the age of 34. This biography provides an insight into the mind of a famous football manager and also chronicles how Timothy rose to prominence at one of the world’s biggest and most storied clubs.

Timothy Castagne is now married to Lisaiera Castello, who has been his lover since they were together in the eighties. They have two children, Marco and Joana. Their story is interesting and it is well told as Timothy is very open about his personal life. The information in Timothy Castagne net worth and dating anyone page is detailed and only shows bits and pieces so it is not complete, but it gives you a good idea of what is involved when you decide to date anyone from this book.

Timothy and Lisaiera met when they were 15. She was working as a receptionist in a law firm and Timothy was a football player for the Catholic University. He was extremely shy and was so talented that he was given the chance of playing for the Uefa Youth team which is managed by Toni Klose. Timothy began going out with this team’s secretary and this led to him meeting and then eventually dating her. The relationship progressed until Klose discovered that Timothy was actually dating Lisaiera. It is clear from the book that Klose knew all about the affair and tried to stop Timothy from dating Lisaiera, which may explain why he travelled to Italy to propose to her.

Timothy’s biography is full of interesting details about his life. You learn that he loves football, but not only that, he really enjoys European football and even watches every single game of his country’s qualification for the World Cup. Timothy really goes into detail about the height difference between him and Lisaiera, that he likes the British band Queen and the American rock band Weezer, but that he spends money on all of them. Timothy is honest about the different heights that women usually go to whilst they are dating and how he always feels that he is beneath women in general because he is slightly shorter than them.

Celebrated NameTimothy Castagne
Age25 Years
Nick NameTimo
Birth NameTimothy Castagne
Birth Date1995-12-05
Birth NationBelgium
Place Of BirthArlon, Belgium
Career Start2002
Marital StatusDating
Girl FriendCamille Melon
Height6 ft. 1 inches
Body TypeAlethic
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Source of WealthFootball Career
Net Worth€12.5 Million
Salary£3.4 Million
Current TeamLeicester City
Jersey Number27

Timothy Castagne is an interesting character and the book gives a lot of insight about his real personality and how he views life and women. It is clear that Timothy wants to be happy and will do everything in his power to achieve this, but you can tell that he has confidence issues as well as being quite immature in the way he views his personal height. The Timothy Castagne net worth biography is probably not the greatest bio on men or on relationships, but it does give an insight into the character of Timothy Castagne and how he deals with people and life in general. If you are looking for a good biography on someone that you consider to be smart and witty, then this is the right one.

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