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Tina Bursill is an actress mostly known for her appearances on television shows such as “Family Ties”, “The Bestseller” and “That 70s Show”. Tina Bursill also had a role in “Water for the Short Term”, “Echoes” and “Election”. Tina Bursill also had a brief part in “Law and Order” as an elections judge. She is best known for her roles on television, where she plays the mother on the television show “That 70s Show” and the wife on the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. She has also had small parts in movies such as “Songs from Charlie Brown” and “A Few Good Men”.

Popular AsN/A
Age69 years old
Zodiac SignN/A
BirthplaceSydney, Australia

Tina Bursill is of Irish descent and was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Tina Bursill was named after her mother’s maiden name” Tina Bursill”. Her full name is “Tina Bursill”, which is her middle name. She is the daughter of Robert Bursil, an American soldier during World War II who later settled in Ohio, and his wife Annette Bouvier.

Tina Bursill’s most notable role to date has been in the movies “When Harry Met Sally”, “Echoes”, and “Election”. Bursill’s other films that have produced good box office profits include “Pitch Perfect”, “Dumb and Dumber”, and “The Perfect Score”. Other notable roles that Bursill has played include Major Winslow in the musical film “ogy” and in the TV series “Heroes”. Tina Bursill’s other acting careers include guest appearances on “Seinfeld” and “That 70s Show”, and small parts in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Tina Bursill began her career as a school headmistress at Sidwell Friends School in 1996. In this role, she played the schoolmistress Mrs. Bennett. Bursil became known for being strict with her pupils, which caused friction with her superiors, particularly her boss Miss Watson. Bursill was also known for being overly friendly with a wide range of students, which often made her seem aloof. These character traits served as the basis of her best known role of Mrs. Bennett in the movies.

172 Tina Bursill was in episode 186 of That 70s Show, when her officemate Mrs. Bennett informs her that they will need to make an immediate exit from the school. Tina Bursill objects, stating that she has no need for a transfer due to her long-term employment with Sidwell Friends. Mrs. Bennett however states that her contract will be terminated upon her resignation. Tina Bursill then states that she would like to speak to her officemate before making any announcements. Tina Bursill finally decides to make an announcement, stating that she is leaving the school to pursue her acting ambitions. Tina Bursill then walks out of the room while Miss Watson looks on in shock.

173 Tina Bursill had a large amount of work throughout the season. Her most famous role though is likely that of Mrs. Bennett. Tina Bursill first appeared in the fourth episode of the fourth season of That 70s Show. Tina Bursill’s character has a large role in the episode as her officemate, Mrs. Bennett, informs her that she plans to resign from her job due to the fact that her co-workers are constantly getting fired. Tina Bursill then states that she would like to spend some time with her daughter. Mrs. Bennett then agrees to let Tina Bursill stay as her official babysitter, much to the surprise of her daughter, Fifi. After the night falls, Tina Bursill goes to find her daughter and finds out that Fifi is in reality going on a date with a much younger man named Ben (John Bon Jovi).

131 The fifth and final episode of the fourth season, titled “The Berenstain Kids” aired on October 31st. In this episode, John Bon Jovi along with other musical artists from The Who, The Doobie Brothers, and The Rolling Stones were asked to guest star in an episode that would air on Halloween called “Trick or Treat”. This particular episode went very well, as a special appearance by John Turturro as Father Mulcahy was requested by the Delaine family.

Tina Bursill’s final episode of her illustrious career, “That 70s Show” aired on November 6th, 1980. Tina Bursill was listed on a special all-star list that included the likes of John Bon Jovi, Roseanne Barr, Dan Aykroyd, and The Who’s Who. Tina Bursill was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series for her performance as Joanna Stayton in the movie, “ancies”. Tina Bursill is currently married to Ben Burtis, with whom she has two children.

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