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Titi Kamal Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Titi Kamal or also known as Titi Kamal Biography is Indonesian actresses and fashion designer of Malay descent, who has gained worldwide popularity. Born in nineteen twenty-six in Jakarta, Indonesia Titi Kamal first developed a passion for art at a very young age after her mother encouraged her to draw. From this early interest in art and design in the artist’s life, she slowly developed a body type which is still very popular amongst the Indonesian modeling and film industry today.

Titi Kamal has built a considerable body of work since her early days in the film industry. She began working in the fashion industry in the early eighties as a part time model before landing a role on the television series “Soichiro.” After that show she became one of the most sought after models by international modeling agencies and was invited to join the international cast of “Soichiro No Go” which was a popular program in the eighties which spawned a series of follow up episodes. After that show she went on to star in her own series entitled “Titi.” She also had a role in the movie “Singapore,” which was a box office hit and went on to enjoy further success with “Singles in Singapore” which followed. In the nineties she went to feature roles in various science fiction and action movies, including one episode of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan where she played the half human, half machine android, Gwyneth.

On the evening of the 39th anniversary of her death Titi Kamal died in her sleep in a hotel room in Singapore. Her agent and friend M.R. sent a flower bouquet to her family in Indonesia, which was opened on the front lawn of the funeral house the next day.

While her body was present at the Singapore morgue, her head and hand were flying to Jakarta to be autographed by her mother and two wedding receptions were also held there. Tita Kamal was one of the few Indonesian actresses who had managed to gain international fame while still living in her country. Both her parents and her sister were very popular in their native Indonesia. Her brother was a famous painter and writer. All of these factors combined to make titi kamal biography very rich and interesting.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Titi Kamal
Occupation Actor
Age 39
Date of Birth December 7, 1981
Place of Birth Jakarta
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country Indonesia
Gender Female

Titi Kamal was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and was said to be the daughter of an Indian landlord and an English woman. She grew up in a middle class household in Jakarta. Her parents separated when she was six years old and by the time she was seven her parents had finally settled into a new home in Jakarta and she attended public school.

This is part four of my forty-five minute biography of the famous Indonesian Indomitable actress, Titi Kamal. In this article I have briefly mentioned about her parents and some other details about her early life in Indonesia. After finishing this article you should be able to decide for yourself if the biographer named “Titi Kamal” suits you.


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