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Tom Heaton Net Worth, age, height, weight, religion, position, wife & more

Tom Heaton is a football player nationally popular with UK viewers. He is one of the leading players at the Manchester United club and also holds a number 6 shirt. He is now training with the England team as he looks to establish himself in the international arena. Tom has scored 5 goals for United this season.

Tom Heaton was born in Baptist church in Augsburg, West Germany. He joined the aged age group of nine in the youth team of Augsburg alongside future United star David James and later went on to play for the senior England team in the European finals in France. He played the full ninety minutes in the quarter final against eventual winners Barcelona in that year’s World Cup.

Tom Heaton’s Early Life One of Tom’s earliest memory is from when he was still a young boy playing for his church team. He was always found drinking lemonade outside with friends. It was around the age of thirteen that Tom started to play football in the local leagues in Augsburg, West Germany. Tom played for and became a part of the youth team that were sometimes successful against the German juggernauts of the time, but were always underdogs despite their great players.

First name: Tom
Surname: Heaton
Team: Aston Villa
National:  England
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 188cm
Weight: 85kg
Birth date: 1986-04-15 (35 years old)

Tom Heaton Net Worth Tom Heaton has a professional football career that has spanned over three decades. He has earned a considerable amount of money during that time, both directly and indirectly. His direct income is directly related to the contracts and fees that he receives, while indirect income comes from the various sponsors that have helped him climb the heights of prominence in football. Heaton is presently earning a pay check of approximately 1 million pounds per month and has no plans to increase that figure anytime in the near future.

Tom Heaton is not just famous as a famous soccer player that was a part of the history of his team, but more importantly, Tom Heaton is also renowned as an example of persistence and hard work. Despite being only six feet tall, Tom Heaton exhibits a very athletic prowess for a player that is that short. Tom Heaton has achieved a height of just over six feet even though his real height is probably much less than that.

Tom Heaton Net Worth The physical stats that Tom Heaton possesses are well known. However, what is not as well known is the fact that Tom Heaton also possesses a fine collection of books that talk about his playing career and his life in general. In fact, Tom Heaton is so famous that the publishers of his books often make money through royalties. Tom Heaton has written several books that have sold millions worldwide.

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