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Tong Liya Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Tong Liya was born in 1978 in Kaifeng, Anhui Province, in the coastal region of China. She is known as an accomplished actress and singer who have achieved success in the Chinese film industry. As an adult she has pursued a variety of acting roles and has been nominated several times for awards including an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Born in Quanzhou, Tong Liya’s parents were farmers and she grew up in the countryside.

Tong Liya was one of four children who lived and grew up in Quanzhou. Her family moved to the coastal city of Kaifeng when Tong was four years old. Although her parents sent Tong to local elementary school, her grades were poor and she dropped out of school after only one semester. Her life then focused on survival, as she moved from home to home in the rural countryside.

Tong began studying dance and singing at an early age and she was especially good at playing the ukulele. In fact, she became known for her unique style of playing the ukulele during her early years on screen. After school she went to work in a factory as an unpaid servant. Here she learned the basics of acting and she was soon cast in some local plays. This is where her career really began to prosper as she appeared in a number of different television shows and movies that lasted for several years.

Tong Liya’s most well-known role in Chinese cinema is that of Huang Xiaoming, the wife of Bruce Willis’ character in the movie Kill Bill. In this film she plays the first Asian American love interest in a Hollywood film. Born in Hong Kong, Tong grew up in Quanzhou and as she was growing up in the predominantly Chinese populated town, she often faced discrimination. She was also married twice, first to a Uyghur man and then to an American in Hong Kong. Her first language is Cantonese and her other languages include Mandarin, English and Hindi.

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Tong Liya
Occupation Actress
Age 36
Date of Birth August 8, 1984
Place of Birth China
Star Sign Leo
Country China
Gender Female

Today Tong Liya is known for her roles in movies such as My Little Pony (her first leading role) and Big. Her first Hong Kong movie was the late comedy romance Old Yai. There are many other Chinese actresses who have gone on to become popular in Hollywood. For example, Jackie Chan rose to stardom after appearing in Hong Kong films Shocking Chinatown and Get Shorty. Chow Sui, a Chinese martial arts expert, became one of the best known Chinese actresses in Hollywood with his role as Wu Gui in Kung Fu.

Birth date 8-Aug
Day of Birth Wednesday
Year of Birth 1984
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Sign Duality Assertive
Birth Sign Modality & Element Fixed Fire
Opposite Sign Aquarius

Although Tong Liya may not be as famous in the United States as she once was in her native China, her career is still notable. Her popularity in the United States can be owed to the fact that she is one of very few Chinese actresses to grace the cover of Time Magazine’s “Fifty Best” which was given to her in November 1998. She is also one of the few Chinese actresses to be listed on the Fortune 100 list of the most successful entrepreneurs. Tong is currently married to Chris Evans, an American actor with whom she has two children. In August 2023 she moved to an autonomous province of China, where she lives with her daughter.


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