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Toni Collette was born in Adelaide, Australia to Italian parents that were originally from Milan, Italy. Toni Collette’s first language was Italian, however, she is fluent in English. Toni Collette grew up in Adelaide and was a big fan of the local football team, the Power. Toni Collette trivia will show that she was a very good tennis player, but like many tennis players, she never won a major tournament.

Toni Collette grew up in a household that was heavily influenced by the La Brea family, one of the most famous family names in Hollywood. Her father was a carpenter, and her mother was a talented writer. Toni Collette learned to write in both English and Italian, which was how she began to develop her talent for drawing. Toni Collette moved to New York City when she was 18 years old and started to become known as a talented performer that had the ability to draw in crowds and make them stand up and cheer.

Toni Collette’s career spanned four decades, which is a great deal in today’s world of popular entertainers who are forever young. Toni Collette trivia will show that she worked with many notable people throughout her career, including Frank Sinatra, whom she met while performing at a De Leon jazz club. Toni Collette also appeared in four movies, all of which were successful at the box office, including the Oscar nominated The Man Who Played With Magi. Toni Collette trivia will show that after her marriage to Ben Dover, they decided to give away most of their belongings and spend the rest of their lives together in Europe.

Toni Collette was born to an Italian family in Genoa, Italy. Toni Collette had two older half sisters that had both been born to Italian fathers, which made Toni very close to her family. Toni Collette studied art in school, and while she was there, she developed a lifelong talent for drawing and painting. Toni Collette studied art and design in her early years and graduated in design from the Academy of Art University in Rome. Toni Collette studied art in her late years, and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Education from the University of Naples.

NameToni Collette
Birth / Real Name
Toni Collett
Date of BirthWednesday 1st of November 1972
Birth placeBlacktown, New South Wales, Australia
Age (as of 2021)48 years old
Zodiac / Star SignScorpio
ProfessionActress, singer and musician
FatherBob Collett
MotherJudith Collett
Marital Status
Married/HusbandDave Galafassi since 2003
Net Worth$18 million


Toni Collette has been nominated for eight Academy Awards, including Best Actress in a Leading Role. She received her Oscar nomination for What Happens in Vegas. Toni Collette trivia will show that she was up against many formidable actresses for the Oscar award, but she lost out to Marilyn Monroe for her role in One Hundred Women. Toni Collette trivia will show that her last major role was in A Time to Kill, but that she has since found great success in her later films. Toni Collette was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Mask, but lost out to Jennifer Aniston for the same award. Toni Collette trivia will also show that she was also nominated for an Honorary Academy Award for Outstanding Directing for The Birdcage, but lost out to Lisa McPhee for the same award.

Toni Collette trivia will show that Toni Collette, much like her mother, has always been fond of cats. Toni Collette studied opera at the Juilliard School of Opera in New York City, which was founded by Countess Maximilian of Austria. Toni Collette grew up in the theater and even considered becoming a professional actress when she was in high school, but she instead became a professional painter. Toni Collette went on to study art with many of the greatest artists of her time, including Picasso, Camille Deschainle, Paul Gauguin, Valerian, Edgar Degas, Edith Head, and Pablo Picasso.

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