Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians, and especially to you as a resident, you are a big part of our nation! To celebrate Canada Day well you need a good recipe, lots of food! This is a national holiday in Canada, so all of Canada celebrates it with parades, parties, and fireworks.

On this very special day, we celebrate Canada as a whole! It’s true that we have a national holiday in Canada but we also celebrate each town and district individually as well. On this very special Day, Canadians across the country gather to celebrate Canada day 2021. It’s been a very long time since many of us can remember and mark this very special day but since it is in the fall of the winter season, many of us still get a little anxious about the holiday preparations. There are a few good foods to prepare if you’re planning on celebrating this Day.

Happy CANADA Day

If you want to make a good meal, try preparing some of the following foods; Apples dipped in maple syrup, Carrot soup with fresh ginger and garlic, Cream of tomato soup, Chicken Lollypop, Egg nog, or even something as simple as a Canada Day granola bar will do the trick. These foods are quick to prepare and easy to store in your fridge for an extra day of celebrations! As an added touch to your celebration, send your family and loved ones some Canadian currency via mail or courier. This is a nice little token to help show everyone how much you love them, and it is also nice for them to keep souvenirs for themselves.

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