Friendship Day

Friendship Day is an international day every July, where friends and family came together to celebrate the many relationships that exist in the world today. On this special day, people are encouraged to show their close ties with family or close friends. They may gather at the place of their choice to share memories about their friend/s, exchange gifts or just to have some quality time together. When choosing a location for a Friendship Day event, the best idea would be to celebrate in a place that everyone can see. This would include a park, a place that is central to a city, or an area in which there will be a lot of people.

Happy Friendship Day 2021

This year, we have decided to celebrate the Day in the USA instead. There are quite a few ways we can commemorate this wonderful event. We have decided to celebrate by having a picnic, in our local park, or in a place that we can all enjoy from the sidelines. In addition to that, there are many national symbols that can be used as decorations or to spark some of the more tender relationships within our community.

Friday, July 30th is International Friendship Day 2021

National Friendship Day

The Best Day to Celebrate Friendship Day in the United States is the first Sunday of August 2021. We are expecting a lot of visitors, so we are asking that people arrive early to sign up for the event, so they can be ready when the park opens. As for food and drinks, stay away from any hot dogs or coffee and go with a cold drink and some sandwiches. Although it might not be possible, we will be providing an authentic Canadian lunch that contains some ingredients that you cannot find in your own kitchen. Hope you enjoy reading this, and we wish you all the best for the Day!

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