Happy Victory Day of BD – 16 December 2023 Status, Wishes, Picture, Activities & History

Happy Victory Day 2023! Victory Day of Bangladesh 16 December. Today is the 16th of December. So today is Bangladesh’s victory day. Internationally every year this day is celebrated as Victory Day. This day celebrates every year as a public holiday. This country defeated the Pakistani occupation forces. And took away victory after a bloody 9-month bloody war on this day in 1971.

Pakistan again divides into two states: East Pakistan and West Pakistan. West Pakistan was very strong nationally. They were ahead of East Pakistan in terms of manpower. Their military forces were more powerful. Their communication with the outside world was very advanced. But, they had to use all the advanced technologies.

Happy Victory Day 2023 of Bangladesh

In all, they became a powerful kingdom. In all respects, East Pakistan was far behind in West Pakistan. Finally, it looks that West Pakistan starts oppressing various forms of East Pakistan. They began to deprive East Pakistan of all kinds of facilities. It began to plan all kinds of wrongdoing over East Pakistan. Status and Wishes of Bangladesh 50th Victory Day will be placed here. You can just copy from here to Celebrate the Day.

  • 1 war 9 months 7 Birshreshtha 1 country meaning of 1971 the great Victory Day greetings and congratulations to everyone.
  • In exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs, we have acquired the victory. We would sacrifice our blood again if needed to keep the value of victory. We would not let the blood of the martyrs go in vain until we are alive. The great Victory Day wishes to you.
  • Muktir lal sobuj ullase pajorer bondhongulo onno alloy udvasito noymaser lalito kkhover dabanole kkhoy hoye jak moner sob nichuta, mounota, hinota. Sobaike bijoy diboser suvechcha

They started cutting down the wealth of the state of East Pakistan through various tricks. Thus they began to dominate East Pakistan in various ways. At that time, East Pakistan was gradually talking about their rights. From house to house the protestant voice began to build. They formed manpower in different ways to earn their rights.

Bijoy Dibosh 16 December Images, Picture

Celebrate Bangladesh’s 50th Victory Day in 2023. This Day is celebrating Accross the Country. We’re also celebrating Bangladesh Half Century of Independence. You can promote Bangladesh by changing Profile Photos, Updating Social Media Status with Hashtag #50thVictorydayofBangladesh.

Defendant missiles began to run along the streets. Different types of meetings are conducted at different field levels. When the Awami Muslim League won a majority in the 1970 general election. They did not agree. They simply reject it, fearing only the transfer of power. West Pakistan was, directly and indirectly, reluctant to lose power.

16 December Victory Day of Bangladesh

16 December History & Activities

Pakistan is finally used to control the ongoing change. On the night of March 25, 1971, Pakistani control forces attacked the innocent Bengalis sleeping on the ground. It is said that this was the beginning of the War of Independence. It is also known as the War of Liberation.

Finally, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation. It launches the liberation war on March 26th with the call for radical independence throughout the country. The bloody war lasted for nine months. It is said that about 3 million people died in the war. As the West Pakistanis took part in the war with their strong military, they were far ahead in the war.

They continue to be brutally brutal on innocent Bengalis. Many mothers have humiliated sisters. In the end, guerrilla resistance establishes in this war. Those were: the Liberation Army, the military, paramilitary forces, and civilians. People of all professions were united in this liberation war. Among them were students, teachers. They are police, government officials. Also, they are farmers, unemployed youths. You really thought that they are also women, men, and people of all classes. In November 1971, the neighboring country of East Pakistan participated directly in supporting the war. In turn, the war diverted.

Bangladesh Victory Day Celebration

Later on, on December 16, 1971, West Pakistan surrendered to East Pakistan at the Racecourse Ground. And through this, East Pakistan won. East Pakistan name change to East Pakistan. Since then December 16 of every year, Victory Day has been celebrated. The morning started with a 31st gunshot in the morning.

As a result, the flag is raised this day across the country. Our National Flags is raising government institutions. It is also a private institution. And even semi-government organizations. Various programs of liberation war are broadcast on the media. In the mosques and temples, a victim offered for the forgiveness of the sufferers. It celebrates this day. I hope that this day will be honorable to the entire human race. This victory day we love forever.

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