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Vincent Kompany,Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Known as the “Paparazzi Killer” Vincent Kompany is an extraordinary football player with the Ligue 1 club side, Monaco. Known for his hard tackling, Vincenzo Montella has become a much-loved figure at Monaco. Although not blessed with natural speed Vincent Kompany makes up for it by being a real strong defender. Kompany made his Monaco debut aged 18 against Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Cup. Kompany impressed on his debut, making two saves and coming off the bench, where he then impressed again in the cup final against Benfica, making a goal as well as setting up mate Jozy Altidore to score the decisive goal.

Kompany played his part in helping Monaco win the quarter finals of the Cup Winners’ Cup and also qualified for the semi-finals, only to lose out to eventual winners Real Madrid in the semis. Despite qualifying comfortably Vincent Kompany was naming Ligue 1 Manager of the Season. He had a good first month in charge and helped Monaco take another three trophies, including the league title. Vincent Kompany played a part in the overall success of Monaco, guiding them to a 101 goals scored and seven losses, breaking the record held by Didier Deschamps of FC Barcelona.

Vincent Kompany will turn 34 years old on 10 April. This means that he has already achieved a great deal in his career and has accomplished many things in his time at Monaco. However, Kompany will most certainly have to contemplate retirement. Many other top players have retired young and Vincent Kompany certainly falls into this category.

Personal information
Date of birth10 April 1986
Place of birthUccle, Belgium
Height1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Position(s)Centre back

Vincent Kompany did not start playing football immediately but started playing football as a little boy. His father, secondary school head coach Mario, took the then Vincent to the local football stadium, asking Vincent to be his playmate. Vincent has never denied this and even said that he feels like a “little kid again”.

Aged 34 years and now a leading international football manager, Vincent Kompany is still an enigma for some. Who is this man? Has he arrived to take over a team at the top of their game and do justice to all the trappings of a world-class football player? Vincent Kompany is undoubtedly no ordinary football manager and will be remembered as one. His record speaks for itself. His achievements at Monaco are unrivaled and will be cherished forever.

There is a certain air of mystique about Vincent Kompany. Does he deserve it? Over the last decade, football has become more commercial than ever before, with TV programmes, sponsorship deals and merchandising responsible for a huge increase in revenue. In the process, the game has become more diluted, with lower quality and quantity of players, coaches and referees. Vincent Kompany does not fit into this picture at all, has spent his entire playing career with one club and having joined numerous others before reaching his peak at Monaco. It may be his profession, but to die like a monk at thirty is simply incredible.

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