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The Voiovivo V21 Pro is one of the more up-market smartphone models from the company. It has a full Android interface, and like many others from the company, it runs on the chipset up by Samsung. The device is also somewhat of a milestone in that it’s one of the first smartphones to run on the Sailfish OS. This article covers the Vivo V21 Pro 2021 review, which is a pre-release device of the actual handset. This review will cover some of the pros and cons of this unique smartphone.

What do we have here? A smartphone with all the features you would expect from one of the best smartphone makers around, at an attractive price. The Vivo V21 Pro comes equipped with all the essentials you would look for in a smartphone, at an all-time low price. The Vivo V21 Pro comes equipped with:

On the face of it, the specifications of the Vivo V21 Pro seem rather impressive. At first glance, the Android phone comes with two cameras, an external storage slot (and no Micro SD card slot), a physical keyboard, an 8 mega-pixel touch screen, a high-end dual-core processor, and other such standard features. However, there is more to the Vivo than its high-end specs. The Vivo has a lot of interesting extras that we’ll talk about below. The good thing about the Vivo is that you won’t know it’s a smartphone until you’ve used it.

What are these extras then? There are several, but we’ll talk about just two of them. First off, let’s talk about internal storage. At just over 2GB, the Vivo V21 Pro comes with just the right amount of space to store all your files. You should be able to easily upload pictures and videos, as well as keep the apps you use most on the go. As for the RAM, this phone comes with just enough to get you through a normal day, with the capacity to add more as you need it.

Secondly, let’s talk about connectivity. On the other hand, connectivity is something that depends on the phone in question, but this one can definitely stand out as a great addition. If you were hesitant about the connectivity, you’d be happy to know that the Vivo has two USB ports, one on the bottom as well as one on the top – a nice little touch that lets you keep all your needed cables handy. The Vivo also comes with a headphone jack, which is always welcome if you are traveling or doing business outside the country.

The camera on the Vivo V21 Pro is also something that can’t be overlooked. For those looking at getting high-resolution images, this should be a top priority. In terms of the actual internal storage, expect to get more than 4GB of it, though depending on the amount of memory you have on your Vivo, that might not be enough. The high-resolution camera is something that most users will be very happy with, especially when you consider what else is on offer from the Vivo.

PerformanceMediaTek Dimensity 800U MT6853V
Display6.44 inches (16.36 cm)
Storage128 GB
Camera64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP
Battery4000 mAh
Price In India28890
Ram8 GB
Launch Date In IndiaJune 24, 2021 (Expected)

As for the software side of things, there will be no changes to Android. What you do get with this model is basically what we’ve come to know from Motorola – a lot of features already present but some additions that are very nice. Android Market is still lacking some important applications, like the calculator, so you may want to look to the Android Market app store for some of those missing applications. There will also be no change to the notification center, which still allows you to customize your alerts. There will be no change to the phone’s text messaging capabilities, and the view v 21 no expected release will only come with English as the default language.

Other features worth highlighting include the front-mounted fingerprint sensor, called capacitive unlock, support for MMS and E-mail. With respect to camera features, the view V 21 Pro was supposed to have four mini-focus cameras, one for video, one for sound, and one for infrared. The front selfies feature will be of particular interest to people who like to show off their body, though the other two should be fine for most people.

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