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Vonny Cornellya Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Vonny Cornellya is an Indonesian actor. Recently, she was named in the 2023 film “Singh in King’s Court” as the Queen of Corocco. She is best known as the role of Corazon in the movie. Before that she has also acted in television shows such as CSI: Cyber.

Born in Singapore, Vonny Cornellya was a child of an unemployed family. She later on attended the University of Indonesia, where she earned a degree in communication. There she was deeply affected by the events surrounding her family and she developed a strong interest in studying the arts. After graduating she began working as an illustrator before landing a role in a soap opera in Singapore.

As is the case with many successful actors of our time, Vonny Cornellya had a hard time finding work and over the period of the 1980s she lived in Spain, France and Britain. All this was while she continued to maintain her attractive body measurements. Finally in November of 2023 she was diagnosed with arthritis, which she attributes to the excessive weight that she had gained during the course of her acting career.

Short Profile
First Name Vonny
Last Name Cornellya
Profession Soap Opera Actress
Age 40 years old
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Date August 14, 1979
Birth Place Bogor, Indonesia
Country Indonesia

The actor once described her symptoms as being similar to the effects of living with the flu, but she was fortunate enough to have her pains abate. After taking anti-inflammatory medication and doing some physiotherapy she was able to resume her life and work. In between occurrences of arthritic pain she also appeared on stage to perform plays and movies. During this time she gained a considerable amount of weight and was never able to get back to her original weight. All of this is what has led to the question of how much she is worth.

At the time of her death Vonny Cornellya was living on a public assistance program. Her social security number is that of her mother and she had applied for and been accepted into the program several years before her death. This would indicate that her benefits were actually from the social security rather than her being deceased prior to applying. Based on the information provided by the Social Security Administration it is possible that she did not receive any benefits from her social security death benefit. Assuming that this is true then her official death benefit must have been low in value as compared to her net worth.

Based on her public assistance file it is possible that she received some money and was able to pay for at least part of her house payments, food, gasoline and other bills during the years she was alive. The question that remains is how much of her total estimated net worth is attributable to her zodiac sign? It seems highly unlikely that she would have been living on public assistance for an equal amount of time if her zodiac sign was a weak one like Cancer. While the answer to this question may be difficult to determine, we can make an educated guess based on some of the data that is available. If we were to obtain her birth certificate and birth records based on the star sign of Cancer, we could estimate her approximate worth using the star sign value of her birth certificate and the estimated net worth of her public assistance checks.


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