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Wang Renmei Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Wang Renmei is a well-known Chinese actress and singer known as the “wildcat of Shanghai” (sometimes referred to as the “Fishers Lady”). She was born in 1917 in the city of Chongqing, where she became interested in acting as early as age twelve. Wang began performing on the stage at the Beijing Film Festival, which is a precursor to the present Chinese movie industry. Later, she moved to Shanghai, where she appeared in a number of plays and films.

Wang Renmei’s early life can be traced back to the year 1914, when she was one of four children born to parents who were part of a royal family in what was then called Kung dynasty. Her middle name was given because her father was fond of fishing, and to this day he is referred to as the father of three of her siblings. Wang was always fond of flowers, and was especially fond of blue. At the age of sixteen, Wang was introduced to the world of movies by her father’s friend, who was one of the most famous Chinese movie stars at that time. The two became very good friends, and after that they formed a company to make movies, with Wang being the main actor. The company later became known as Renmei International.

As a teenager, Wang Renmei went to theeking opera house, where she acted in many plays. During this time, she also became a popular singer, known as the Wildcat of Shanghai. Some of her early work was in films such as the Crazy Kangaroo Lady, The Yellow Rose, The Mysterious Mandarin, The Little Match Girl, Pretty Woman, Picnic at Tiffany’s, and Romance on the Palm of Your Hand. In fact, it was this career which made Wang Renmei famous, as she had quite a few roles that made her one of the most well known Chinese actresses and singer.

When World War I broke out, Wang Renmei’s acting skills were called into action. She served in the army and was captured as a soldier and held prisoner for a number of months. Her captors used to tease and abuse her, forcing her to perform undesirable acts in order to keep them entertained. One of these was to be a stutterer, so that the soldiers would have something to laugh at when the prisoners were awake. Eventually, Wang Renmei escaped and returned to Shanghai to begin a career as a great wildcat singer.

When the revolution broke out in China, Renmei took to the streets again, where she sang for the sailors and the revolutionists. During this time, the sailors began complaining about the lack of food and drink, so one day, they demanded that Renmei sing a song of recovery for the sailors. So, Renmei decided to go to China’s largest lake, the Yangtse, and deliver a message of happiness to the sailors there. Once there, she opened up her song delivery service, which became very successful in Shanghai and other cities.

In fact, the name Wang Renmei is a reference to this famous singer/actor/writer/woman. Renmei later went on to have a leading role in the movie Romance of the Three Little Pigs, as well as a role in the movie remake of King Kong. She eventually became a popular figure in China and has remained a popular character and a beloved icon in China’s culture ever since.


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