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Wang Weiliang was born in 1911 in Fujian province, the People’s Republic of China. Wang Weiliang was a son of Wang Weiliang who later changed his name to Wang Feng so as to avoid identification with the Japanese rulers. Wang Weiliang later became a highly successful and well-known Chinese author who wrote children’s stories and adult novels. His first two books, “Dr. Tien” and “The Story of the Three Little Pigs” have been made into popular motion pictures and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Other works included “Old Man and Old Woman”, “The Pirate’s Wife”, and “Lying Game.” Movie Actor Wang Weiliang’s net worth is $82 Million.

Wang Weiliang was educated at the Beijing University of Arts and earned a degree in Geography. Wang then worked for a Chinese missionary in Tang Dynasty and took part in the Boxer Rebellion. During this time he married Jingde Huo, a woman already married to a local lord. It was this union that brought about Weiliang’s lifelong dedication to his Buddhist faith. Once he reached the age of eighty, he retired and started practicing Buddhism full time and eventually became known as Kung Fu Master.

Wang Weiliang had two daughters, Jingde and Liupin. It was during the mid-twentieth century that his family was forced to leave their home due to Mao’s revolution and fleeing to Hong Kong. They arrived at the safer haven of Tai Chi Chuan, which had been founded by Wang Weiliang’s son, Wang Weiliang’s disciple, Lin Tou-hsi. The couple raised five children and they named them collectively, “Weiliang clan.”

Short Profile
First Name Wang
Last Name Weiliang
Profession Movie Actor
Age 31 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date October 11, 1987
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

At some point, after the martial arts had come to its peak, Lin Tou-hsi passed away and Wang Weiliang took over his son’s studies. It was at this point that he made the move to becoming a monk. He became a renunciate of the temple and spent the next twenty years practicing meditation and leaving his family. While living in his seclusion, he made it a point to observe the political and religious influences surrounding him. In his monastic life, he learned to speak Mandarin, Chinese history, and Buddhist teachings.

At present, Wang Weiliang is recognized as an internationally-acclaimed Buddhist teacher. With the help of his wife, Fatma, he has written twelve books of varying themes. The most recent of these is the book entitled The Essence of Chinese Dao. His work as a monk gave him a profound understanding of the Daoist concepts and he also came to understand the true nature of reality. This understanding made him capable of writing down what seemed to be some impossible sentences.

Wang Weiliang’s books have reached the United States and Canada. His story has been featured in many documentaries and has received positive reviews from people all around the world. His books have also inspired many to become monks and to practice the Buddhist path. For those who are interested in learning more about Wang Weiliang and his works, I would recommend that you visit his website where you can find all of his materials.

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