What is Armed forces Day

What is Armed Forces Day in United States? This is the day on which all Americans (including many from overseas) turn out to support the US military. This is also the day when those serving in the military are given a special holiday that includes a paid day of relaxation, a visit from family and friends and an official watch of the ceremony. It is also the day when we honor our troops and wish them well as they serve our country.

What is Armed Forces Day in other countries? This is the traditional time of the year when all military personnel are granted a paid day of leave. They are given this free time to celebrate what is usually a very happy occasion. In some instances, this leaves is called Lanyard Day, Pritcheday or even Duffel Day (in the Canadian provinces) where a pocket bag or other small item is filled with sweets and flowers bearing the symbol of the day. It is not uncommon for family and friends to send military men and women gifts on Armed Forces Day.

Why should we celebrate what is armed forces day? Our nation’s military personnel are an important part of our society. They protect our country and our way of life. For that reason it is important that we recognize them on this special day.

What do we do on the day? Groups or clubs may hold events at local hotels, schools or local community centers. It is best if the events are planned well in advance to ensure attention and attendance. This way it ensures the highest probability of having your loved one to participate in the event.

What are some popular items that are handed out? The traditional gift on Armed Forces Day is a” Soldier’s Bed” stuffed with coupons and a card. Other gifts include hats, pins and pencils. You can also hand out mini medals pinned to shirts or coffee mugs.

What do people typically do on the day? Many people join in the celebrations and parades organized by various groups or clubs. Some of these clubs may have their own themed events. Others may just hand out flyers and balloons. Parades can be exciting to watch but can be quite large so it is best to organize a small event. If you are unable to arrange an event on your own, many local hotels and restaurants are more than willing to host a party for you and your guests.

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