When is International Friendship Day 2023?

When is International Friendship Day? Each year, on the 30th day of July, we celebrate the friendship between people from different parts of the world. This day is observed worldwide and is observed in different countries, to celebrate the friendship between their peoples. It has been perceived as an international holiday, because it can be observed in almost all countries. However, the day is also celebrated differently, depending on the nationality or government where the event is being held.

When is International Friendship Day? It was first proposed in 1958, by a Canadian member of the Nobel Peace Prize Team, Robert Mendelson. On that date, he proposed to have a World Festival of International Friendship, in order to boost international friendship and understanding.

Where is this World Festival of International Friendship going to be held? It will be held in Ottawa, Canada. The location was selected after considering several factors, including the proximity to the Nobel Peace Prize Team, and also the proximity to the International Women’s Peace Prize, which was being considered at the time. However, it was cancelled later in the year due to lack of funds. A new year, and a new place has been chosen for the festival, as Canada is bidding for the hosting rights for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

When is International Friendship Day celebrated in Canada? On August 1st, it will be celebrated exactly like any other International Friendship Day. The only difference is, that on that day, Canadians around the country will turn out en masse to support the efforts of the Noble Peace Prize Team, and the International Women’s Peace Prize Team. That day will also witness the first mention of the phrase “World Festival of International Friendship Day”.

When is International Friendship Day

When is International Friendship Day, celebrated in the USA? In early July, it will be observed there. Unlike the Canada festival, where there is only one day when the name of the event is remembered, the USA celebrates World Friendship Day on every second Sunday of the month, with the same exact date. There is no reason why the name of the festival should be changed, except for the obvious reasons such as the two nations have many things in common, and so it would make more sense if the name is kept similar to its original form.

If nothing else, both countries should join forces to highlight their important friendships with each other, instead of forcing the issue with each other with conflicting names or events.

So, which nation has got the honour to celebrate International Friendship Day on August 1st? It is surely Canada. It is the leader of world peace efforts and the recipient of many honours from other nations. Undoubtedly it will be an extremely wise decision on the part of the government, and they are doing the very best to celebrate this un general day of friendship. It is hoped that the whole world will join together in the cause of friendship and goodwill, and if we all do our part then there will be no need for slogans like “buy American, buy Canadian” to be heard, and no need for a war between the US and our close allies.

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