When is Parents Day 2023? National Parents Day | Happy Parents Day

Parents Day has been a great holiday for children across the world. It is a time to show your love and gratitude to all the parents that have raised their kids. Every child that is lucky enough to have parents deserves a special celebration. Today we want to let you know about Parents Day and how you too can make this a memorable event for your child.

When is Parents Day 2023? The date is not yet decided as of now but it is set to be held on July 25th, the fourth Sunday of the month of September. On this date, children around the world can give thanks to their parents for all the love and support they receive during their childhood. In their words, Parents Day celebrations are a way of saying thank you to their parents. On Parents’ Day, parents from any part of the globe can celebrate. This can be done both indoors and outdoors and can include a picnic or family picnic.

The first step of Parents’ Day celebrations is to decide the location. Next you will need to choose the gift you would like to send to your loved ones on Parents Day. You can either send them an online gift, a physical card or even a cartoon. When you select the gifts for your loved ones, you will have to get in touch with your Sunday newspaper store to inquire about sales and discounts available for a particular Sunday.

International Parents Day 2023

Parents Day is observed in many countries around the world including India. On Parents Day, people around the world pay tribute to their parents and highlight the good qualities of their parents. For example, on Parents Day in India, people observe a brief festival on Diwali (ends of Navaratra in Sanskrit language) where they pay respect to parents who were dead. During the festival, houses are decorated with flowers and candles. Some places also put up a wall sign reading “Paid to Live Forever – Parents Day”.

A special public function for Adults on Parents’ Day is also conducted in many parts of India. On Parents’ Day, students from local schools organize events such as a candle light dinner, poetry reading, children’s music performance, poetry reading and a talk at the school. A special public gathering called Pappu (parents meeting) is also conducted in some parts of the country. In West Bengal, teachers from the schools organize a Parents Day festival in response to the increasing divorce rate.

When is Parents’ Day in 2023

On Parents Day, families send tokens or money to their parents. There is also the tradition of exchanging new baby bracelets during the Parents’ Day festival. In Bengaluru (Bangalore), a large number of IT professionals from various companies exchange money while celebrating the Parents Day festival. The markets are thronged with both locals and tourists during the festival, and the city is decked with garlands, colored cloths and traditional carpets, which are used to adorn the stalls.


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