When is Teachers Day 2021 in India?

5th September 2021 will be celebrated as Happy Teachers Day in India. The day named after Dr. William Horatio Alger is celebrated in most English-speaking countries on the second Sunday of April. This year it falls on the theme “For the Good of the Classroom”. The actual date is not known in Malaysia. This is a common misconception that teachers are celebrating the day with their pupils. They do not.

Teachers Day is an annual festival in Singapore. It has been celebrated for almost twenty years now. This is a very sensitive subject in Singapore as we are the most religious country in the world and to have an activity to celebrate this would be viewed very negatively by our society. Parents in Singapore do not want their children to miss out on this wonderful day. It is a special day, where children can get free from all schoolwork for a day.

Students love to celebrate this day with their parents. In some schools, the students take turns hosting the event. Food is served at the venue and the students mingle with their classmates. Teachers usually come in for a talk during the talk.

Tofu is also served during the event. This is a great treat for the parents and students. Students like to take a bite of this food after school so they can keep up their stamina. I have seen many students knocking off those tiny cubes of tofu with their teeth.

Singaporeans have a very healthy lifestyle. Children spend most of their time outdoors playing and taking part in recreational sports. When you look at the number of hours teachers spend in the classroom, it is obvious that they are getting the maximum physical activity possible. In fact, the average student spends more time in class than the teacher does in a week of class time.

The day was started by Mr. Lin Zulai as a way of recognizing good performers in the country. He wanted a show of appreciation to his colleagues and other teachers. Many other organizations have celebrated this day throughout the country. For example, one major school, the Lee Kuek, created a Spirit of the Day program whereby students and teachers exchange gifts on the last day of the month. The gifts range from simple tokens like pens and pencils up to an array of gorgeous artwork done in soy sauce.

When is Teachers Day in the United States is a much more corporate oriented celebration. When is Teachers Day is celebrated in the United States is usually associated with the National Teacher Appreciation Month. Teachers’ unions and groups nationwide are usually very involved in planning the event. A visit from China will certainly add to the celebration if President Obama chooses to make it a China trip.

On this special day of appreciation and pride, teachers all across the country are given the opportunity to accept awards presented by their peers. They also receive extra bonus time during their holiday break to speak about their profession and tell their story to students. When is Teachers Day in America is also a very popular topic of conversation amongst parents.

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