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Every year, on the first Saturday of May, the American consumer enthusiastically turns out for what is called World Cider Day. Although in many states, cider is always considered to be a fruity beverage made from apples, in the United States a clear distinction is made between hard apple cider. With hard cider being the cheaper of the two kinds, it is the product that is widely displayed in advertising campaigns. Because in the vast majority of cases when Americans say, “hard apple cider,” what they really mean is unfiltered water, with the word apple remaining just in reserve to describe the product. In many parts of England, for instance, when a visitor asks for “apple cider” they are referring to the popular soft cider produced at home.

The popularity of world cider days, however, goes far beyond the borders of the United States. In England, where it is internationally renowned, it is not uncommon for people to consume iced cider on every day of the year. There are even dedicated “cider clubs” whose members drink only this particular beverage on special occasions. World Cider Day is an occasion to celebrate this popular beverage, but also a great time to get together with friends and family to enjoy this truly English drink.

Many years ago, before World Cider Day was established, it was customary to give a toast to anyone who could make a supply of apple cider. Sometimes these supplies were made by just one person. One lucky fellow was able to receive a large amount of money by selling all of his homemade apple cider. Other people made their own homemade brews, and there were also merchants who would travel to households across the country and purchase the beverages that their neighbors would enjoy. The practice of sharing or collecting fermented drinks, as well as recipes, became known as “cider drinking”.

Although the tradition of sharing or collecting cider has been going on for thousands of years, World Cider Day was created in the United Kingdom in March of 1996. Although the United Kingdom is not a very large country, when you consider how much food and drink are shared on this day throughout the world, it is a true symbol of peace. When the citizens of the United Kingdom drink cider, they are showing their dislike for war and other conflicts throughout the world, and they are showing their solidarity with other countries that may be fighting wars.

World Cider Day was celebrated on the last Friday of every May, and traditionally a glass of cider is used by those who are celebrating the holiday. Although the traditional drink is made from apple cider, which is fermented from fermented apples, new ciders can be made from a variety of fruits. Apple cider, which is the most common type of cider, is the main ingredient of World Cider Day celebrations, and celebrators often choose a variety of fruit to make unique flavors. Newer varieties of apple cider can also contain different flavors from different apples, such as raspberry or cinnamon ciders.

In addition to fruit juices, fruit juice press houses can also make a delicious glass of World Cider Day specialty drink. All that is needed is a couple of gallons of distilled water and a whole pound or two of apple cider vinegar. Once you have made your special blend of apple cider vinegar, it can be used in a number of different ways. A popular tradition for World Cider Day is for people to pour the mixture into a wide glass filled with ice and let it cool to around one hundred and thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit. They can then serve it with sandwiches, chips, crackers, or whatever else they want to put it on.

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