World Democracy Day 2023 Theme, Celebration, Activities

World Democracy Day 2023 is celebrating on September 15th. Today is September 15th and is World Democracy Day. And so I want to talk about World Democracy Day. This day observed on different days in different countries of the world. The United States celebrates Democracy Day in November. Nigerians celebrate Democracy Day on May 26th. However. On September 15th, the world celebrates World Democracy Day with a public meeting of the international community.

The United Nations celebrates this great democracy day, September 15th, together with its incorporated countries. The United Nations seeks to highlight the significance of democracy among its member states in its people. This day is an attempt to raise the awareness of democratic values ​​to the entire nation. This day is celebrated worldwide to highlight the importance of democracy to the masses. The main goal and purpose of this day are to spread democratic norms. Efforts are underway to bring justice to the whole world.

We need to know what a Democracy thing is?

Democracy is the primary source of the people’s presidential election. The country will dominate the people whom they deem worthy — the people who win by their valuable votes as the President. No form of dictatorship will prevail here! The state regulations will only be for the welfare of the people. The section of the state predetermined for the benefit of the people. After all, the main goal of democracy is the source of all power.

Yes, if you are a Muslim, then something for you. You may know about democracy. But keep in mind that democracy and Islam are two completely different things. Islam never supports democracy! Islam binds individuals, societies, and non-states to the same formula of religion and politics.

But the ideals of Islam and the ideals of democracy are entirely different. The principles of Islam and the laws of justice are altogether different. According to Islam, Allah is the only Creator of all power. And on the contrary, democracy is the source of all energy. Allah is the sole Great Creator who has the authority to say, Islam.

World Democracy Day

And on the contrary, the only parliament can provide what is called democracy. The new freedom is completely anti-Islam. Likewise, the slogan of nationalism is another anti-Shariah. Moreover, the demand for justice is secular. Islam is not a religion in secularism. Islam is the law given by God.

And democracy is a human-made law. Therefore, apart from the religious point of view, it is entirely unfair for Muslims to rule the country by personal or human-made laws, except for the ideology of the Great Allah. Therefore, in the view of the Shari’ah, it is completely forbidden for Muslims to spread democracy. So in Islam, democracy is abhorrent. In Islam, privilege is exclusionary. Those of us who have about this will hopefully comply.

However, presidents of various countries of the world, members of parliament, and the general public celebrate this day. Various cultural programs on this day. A variety of communal events marks the day. Various activities take place on television media or social media. That is how this day celebrated every year.

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