World Environment Day 2021 History, Pictures

The UN General Assembly declared June 5 as World Environment Day. This day was first observed in 1974. In the years that followed, W.H.O developed the W.H.O as a platform to raise awareness of the problems facing our environment, such as waste pollution, plastic pollution, illegal wildlife trade, sustainable adoption, rising sea levels, and food security.

According to the United Nations, the celebration of this day provides an opportunity to broaden the foundations of doctrine and responsible behavior, illuminated by individuals, concerns and communities in the field of conserving and enhancing our environment. Thus, this Environment Day raises awareness among the people. Around 143 countries of the world are participating in this World Environment Day and spreading different kinds of awareness among the people. Our environment plays a major role in the growth of a human being. And in order for this environment not to be polluted for any reason, every human being has to be aware. Every element of the environment needs to be taken care of every day.

However, forests play a very important role in maintaining this environment. Therefore, special care should be taken so that the forest is not destroyed. Because forests protect a country from various types of natural disasters. The role of forest in keeping the environment beautiful is also immense. Thus, a large part of the environment is forest. Therefore, special care should be taken so that the plants are not damaged in any way.

History of World Environment Day: In 1972, the UN General Assembly established the first World Environment Day. Then, in 1974, the first WED was held with the sole earth theme. Since then this day was celebrated in different countries. In this way, special information about Environment Day is spread all over the world through various means. Thus, World Environment Day is an important day for mankind. Because by celebrating this day, people all over the world are made aware through various programs and people’s thinking power is awakened.
So finally, June 5 is World Environment Day. This day is very important for every human being. Awareness message is spread among the people by celebrating this day. People are taught all the special theories about the environment. So World Environment Day is a very important day for every human race around the world.


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