World Food Day 2023 Theme, Activities, Slogan, Logo, Quotes and Status

World Food Day 2023 Theme, Slogan, Logo, Quotes and Status both are available to celebrate this Day. It is an International Day which celebrated every year October 16. The International Food Day celebrates on the Country and nations, which is the member of the United Nations. This year, World Food Day will be celebrated on Friday, October 16, 2023. Are you ready to participate? You need to know about the Food day and also the importance of world food day celebration. In over 150 countries, events mark World Food Day, and they celebrate this Day every year.

In 1981, the World Food Day Theme published and every year new Theme published. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will issue a New theme for the World Food Day 2023. You can see the Theme quickly on this Website and also on Wikipedia.

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World Food Day 2023 Theme & Slogan

Every Event and Celebration has an Aim. After the foundation of the World Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945, they set their Aim to improve food quality, fresh and encourage people to keep the food fresh. Besides these, they form a new Aim every year, and that is known as Theme or Slogan. They are working hard to apply their Theme in real life. World Food Day 2023 Theme is on the below.

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World Food Day activities: How to celebrate?

There are many ways available to celebrate International Food Day. Different countries celebrate this Day in different ways. We need to ensure some things to celebrate this Day. That’s we need to ensure that people have enough money to Buy food. Every country, nation or states need to have a reliable food supply chain, and food must have an affordable price. Reserve of enough food is also critical. So, ensure all of these to celebrate World Food Day 2023.

  • Get Creative! Poster contest
  • Help Improve Conditions for Migrating Households in Host Communities
  • Food Waste Weigh-in
  • Start a Seed Preservation Project
  • Explore what the world eats!
  • Update status on Social Media using Hashtag #WorldFoodDay or #WFD

World Food Day Quotes

  • We must always respect the food we get because it is the blessing of God and love from someone who cares for us
  • Food that we have in our plate is a result of the immense amount of hard work that is put at various stages…. Consume it with the utmost respect
  • Food symbolizes love when words fail to define it. Sending you warm wishes on World Food Day. Enjoy food with happiness!
  • Blessed are those who get to enjoy three meals every day, let us thank God for blessing us with food. A very Happy World Food Day to you.
  • You cannot understand the value of the food until you have stayed hungry, Happy World Food Day.
  • On World Food Day, we must promise ourselves to never waste food… as an initiative and contribution to saving food for those who are hungry…. Let us make a big difference with our small actions…. Wishing you a warm and Happy World Food Day my dear!!!

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