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World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on 26th April. The World Intellectual Property Organization, a UN special agency, celebrated the day for the first time in 2000. The main purpose of this day is to create awareness on the impact of intellectual property patents, copyright commercial brands and entrepreneurial design in daily life. The main purpose of this day is to develop creative talents and to express special gratitude to the creators and innovators for their contribution to the development and progress of the society. First of all, this World Intellectual Property Day was first celebrated on April 26, 1970. Since then it has been decided to observe this day on 26th April.

What is intellectual property rights: According to Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to property of a scientific writer or an author will be granted from the protection of moral and material interests. Then, it has to give the manufacturer or owner their own made or trademark payment facility. With these rights, no one can copy or use your works without your permission. It creates various job opportunities like patent rolls. Then create real trademarks, and others can trust your brand and yours too.

Thus, good workflow and economic maintenance are maintained between the two parties. Thus, this intellectual property rights have a lot of importance. The main goal of intellectual property is to enable people to create different types of intellectual products. And then it makes it useful to the user. So it empowers the right to acquire and the information and intellectual content they create which is basically limited to a period of time. This acquired property contributes to the welfare of the country and the nation. Also, both parties can reciprocate by granting patents or copyrights.

Thus, it is through these intellectual resources that the power of consciousness is awakened. Which plays a beneficial role for the whole world.

History of Intellectual Property: This intellectual property day is celebrated on 26th March. We’ve all been hearing about patents and trademarks for a long time. Now only Russian copyright issues have begun to be protected. However, it is still weak. Intellectual property was first enacted on 14 July 1967 by the Stockholm Convention. Then World Intellectual Property Day was established. We joined this organization in Bangladesh in 1968.
On January 1, 2008, significant changes were made to the Russian Citizens’ Code relating to intellectual property. The words generally adopted in this new law do not use intellectual property. The law they govern with certain ideas. It is the result of their intellectual activity and copyright.

Then, the rights that this intellectual property includes include: literary, artistic and scientific works. Sound recording and television broadcasts performed by artists.

World Intellectual Property Day Greeting Messages

1. An idea has more power than anything else…. Come up with new ideas and share your creations with the world to grow…. Warm wishes on World Intellectual Property Day to you.

2. On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, let us promise ourselves to be more creative and thoughtful in things we do, to stand out and be success in whatever we do!!!

3. World is changing fast and only those are honoured who are blessed with a creative mind…. Make World Intellectual Property Day more meaningful by doing something innovative.

4. Creative minds are respected the most…. World Intellectual Property Day inspires us to explore our creative side and make an impression on the world with our thoughts and creations.

5. Only those who have a strong and innovative mind have the potential to leave something good for the future generations…. Wishing you a very Happy World IP Day!!!

6. We all are blessed with minds and it depends on our potential how smartly we use our creative sides to enrich them and become successful…. Warm wishes on World Intellectual Property Day.

7. Let us make World IP Day more meaningful by engaging in creative activities and ideas and give this world something unique for a better life….. Best wishes on World Intellectual Property Day.

Inventing all fields of human activity. Different types of scientific discovery art design. Trademark, service mark, trade name and company name protection against other competition. Also more different types of rights are implemented through this day. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to awaken the inner thinking power of the people. Helping people to be enterprising. Increasing the creative talent of every human being. In this the welfare of the country and the people above all is achieved.

Thus, in conclusion, World Intelligence Day has many important contributions to human life. It is hoped that this will bring lasting welfare to the country and the nation.


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