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World Religion Day 2023 Date, Celebration & Activities

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World Religion DayWorld Religion Day happens on the third Sunday of January each year.  The day initiated in 1950 by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States. The worship houses are different in different religions. Their temple names are also different in different religions. Names of these temples are given below. Muslims go to the mosque, Hindus go to the mandir (temple), Christians go to the church, and Jews go to the synagogue (temple). Peoples celebrate this day and they try to follow all of the similarities between religions. In 1949, the United States established the institution of World Religion Day.

Religion Day isn’t an official Holiday so All offices, Bank, School & College will open on this Day. Many Organizations celebrate this Day with their own Religions across the world. So, you can follow the ways to celebrate World Religion Day to celebrate this Day. We’ve added some popular ways for you so that you can follow these ways to celebrate.

When is World Religion Day in 2023?

Basically, World Religion Day held on the third Sunday of the month of January each year. This year (2023) this day is going to be held on the 17th of January. On this day people around the world celebrate it. The day is to recognize that all religion has a common goal. This year, The Day will be celebrated on Sunday, January 17, 2023.

Year Day Date Celebration Area
2023 Sunday 19 Jan Worldwide observance
2023 Sunday 17 Jan Worldwide observance
2023 Sunday 16 Jan Worldwide observance
2023 Sunday 15 Jan Worldwide observance
2024 Sunday 21 Jan Worldwide observance
2025 Sunday 19 Jan Worldwide observance


History of World Religion Day

The first celebration of the day was titled the “World Peace Through World Religion”, it was held in October 1947. In 1949, various communities observed it, and newspapers of the US made it to be called “World Religion Day”. In 1950, it is started celebrating internationally.

How to Celebrate World Religion Day?

Organizations celebrate this day to make an inter-faith between all of the religions. We celebrate it to remove the oneness of religions. People listen to other religions than their own to learn the basics and similarities. It is not an official holiday, so public life is normal as every day.

  • Visit your Institute of Religion or learn more
  • Invite Relatives on your home and arrange different activities
  • Donate poor people of your Religion who live near you
  • Donate Food to Poor People or you can invite them to join your Religion Party which arranged in your home.
  • Increase up your Knowledge of Religion by talking or listening to lecture from others.

These are some examples only. We always recommend you making a Unique process to celebrate any events. So, let’s think about yourself and make your own idea. It will help you celebrate this World Religion day 2023. There are many other Events and Holidays available for you. You can know the Date of these Celebrations and make a preparation to celebrate.