World Statistics Day 2023 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Images, Status, Activities

World Statistics Day 2023 will celebrate on 20 October Tuesday. World Statistics Day Theme, Slogan, Activity, Quotes, Status, and Images are available to celebrate this Day. This Day has celebrated first on 20 October 2023. After the first celebration, it is a celebration every five years. Previously, the Day has observed two times, and this is the third celebration. So, prepare to celebrate 20 October 2023, which comes once in five years.

Now, you need to know which necessary and essential to celebrate this Day. At first, the theme of this Day is significant, which will play a significant role. So, keep ready the official Statistics Day theme 2023. Now, know the ways to celebrate this Day. You can get an idea from the last celebration video from YouTube or social media Website. Then, update your Status about this Day on social media Website.

World Statistics Day 2023

World Statistics Day 2023 Theme

Here is the official Stat Day Theme 2023 available for you. It is important to celebrate this Day traditionally. On the first celebration, 103 countries celebrated this Day (Source: Wikipedia). And in this celebration, many more than several countries will celebrate. The exact number of states is not available now.

Connecting the world with data we can trust

You can publish the theme on social media with the hashtag #StatsDay2023. You can also get the Quotes, Activities, Images, and other collection of this Day, which also available for you.

World Statistics Day Quotes 2023

  • “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.” ― Benjamin Disraeli
  • “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” ― Joseph Stalin
  • “All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile.” ― Chris Hart
  • “If your experiment needs a statistician, you need a better experiment.” ― Ernest Rutherford
  • “99 per cent of all statistics only tell 49 per cent of the story.”  ― Ron DeLegge II
  • “I guess I think of lotteries as a tax on the mathematically challenged.” ― Roger Jones

Statistics Day Message, Status, Wishes

  • Remember the importance of statistical information for analysis and informed policy decision-making in support of sustainable development and root for it.
  • “Those who ignore Statistics are condemned to reinvent it.” I wish you a pleased World Statistics Day. Happy World Statistics Day to all
  • We must all remember that statistics are not just numbers but are also the key ingredients in the formulation of right plans and policies of a country.
  • Statistics is a catalyst for the modern life and the basis of government and community planning. Maintain it.
  • Promote the importance of sustainable national statistical capacity to produce reliable and timely statistics and celebrate this occasion.
  • “Statisticians, like artists, have a bad habit of falling in love with their models.” Happy World Statistics Day.
  • For an ability to read, write and properly understand, statistical knowledge is important. So, educate yourself and celebrate.
  • Our life is a long huge experiment. The more experiments you make, the better and happier you live.
  • Raise awareness about the science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures and turn the world into a much logical and happier place. Happy World Statistics Day to all
  • Experience your life with a series of calculations and a total of statistics and celebrate this occasion of World Statistics Day.
  • Do proper statistical analysis and ensure a delicate dissection of uncertainties and a surgery of suppositions on this day.
  • Be calculative and logical. Apply statistics to your life and manage your work with greater ease. Happy World Statistics Day to all


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