World Television Day 2023

World Television Day is on the 21st of November. Television is an electronic device, which gives us so much entertainment. Nowadays it is one of the cheaper Devices. Everyone needs this for entertainment and local news. So in this article, we are talking about world television day 2023. Welcome to our new article about television day and television-related all information. So let’s start.

At present, we want to know all kinds of information about the world. We want to see the world. I think television fills up our wants. Cause we can learn, we can see, we can know much more news, information. However, THe United Nations adopted this day as a World Television Day.

And It declared on the 21st of November worldwide celebrate. If we think about the good side of television, then we see many things. We can express our opinion on television. It is the major tool of public freedom speech. It is impacting our social and political issues. In 1996 The united nation held the first television forum worldwide.

This day we do not celebrate properly but it represents philosophy. This television day is a global observance. World Television Day is not a public holiday.

On this day people promote television worldwide. Somewhere like school invite guests and talk about Media or Television. It helps us to give information directly in our hands and mind. As a result, they publish worldwide Television and media importance. That is why World Television Day is observed every year.

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