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Xiang Yun Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Relationship Records, Salary, Income,Lifestyles & many more details

Xiang Yun (Chung Ling) is a Chinese actress. Born in 1962, she is now one of the highest paid actresses in the Chinese Film industry. Learn more about Xiang Yun through this article. We will discuss her early years in film, her early roles, and whether or not she has had any roles that have been considered inappropriate for a Chinese actress.

Popular As Chen Cuichang
Occupation Actress, Television host
Age 59 years old
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Born 27 October 1961
Birthday 27 October
Birthplace Colony of Singapore
Nationality Singaporean

Xiang Yun was born in Shensi, China, on the day of the Chinese New Year. She is one of the very popular actresses of our time, having achieved some recognition as an actress and singer in the sixties and seventies. Prior to her marriage to Ng Joon-Ming (who became famous as the actor Sung Shi Min), she had been known mainly as a television host and actress. Learn more about Xiang Yun through this article on who is known as the most famous TV actress of our time.

Xiang Yun is known for being one of the shortest in her family, which explains her biographer profile that notes her hair color is dark brown. It also lists her heights as 158 cm and 99.6 cm, with a slender build. Her other measurements are earlobe, jaw angle: ninety degrees, nipple position: eleven degrees, and clit measurement: four fingers lengthwise.

The question of the birth date of Xiang Yun has been answered in the third paragraph of this biography. Her birth date is recorded in m. 1989, the year when she was officially cast to be one of the main characters in a Chinese movie. This casting was done in conjunction with the release of the English language movie “Sing Hymes High School Musical”. Today, Xiang Yun is best known for her roles in American TV shows such as “Eureka”, “Life Goes On” and “MacGyver”, as well as in Chinese films.

In the first paragraph of the biography, it lists her full name, Xiang Yun Shim-ee. In the second paragraph, it is revealed that her given birth name is Xiang Yun Jeong. The third paragraph reveals her current net worth. While the net worth is not disclosed in detail, we can at least state that it is at least two million US dollars.

Xiang Yun was born in July of 1961 in the city of Hunan, capital of China. Her parents were both teachers. She began to take acting seriously at the age of sixteen. She was a fan of the legendary actress Maureen O’Hara and worked closely with the actress for several years. After Maureen’s death, Xiang Yun went to live in the United States. Today, she is one of the most sought out actresses in Hollywood, working particularly in films that are largely centered on romance comedies.

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