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Yang Mi Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Yang Mi is a Chinese actress and singer. She first made her acting debut in popular television series Tang Ming Huang, where she appeared in four episodes. She then became an overnight sensation, receiving critical acclaim for her performance. She went on to receive many awards and accolades for her role as Lin Feng in the movie, King of Kung Fu.

Today, Yang Mi is known for her varied and unique acting skills, most notably in the Chinese movie realm. Born in 1994, Yang Mi grew up in Fujian province in China, where she was always seen as the bright, beautiful, and spirited young girl with a big heart. In her early years of acting, Yang Mi developed a fondness for playing the role of the lovable child with a big heart, caring and protective father, as well as a strong-willed and stubborn mother. The role of the sweet, innocent child became more defined when Yang Mi began to hone her acting skills by playing the lead character in an award-winning play. It was then that she finally realized just what she was capable of achieving in the Chinese acting industry: She was a talented performer, who had the natural gift to shine as a true Chinese actress.

With such wonderful audios and fantastic acting abilities, it is no surprise why Yang Mi has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the Chinese acting world. A native of Fujian province in eastern China, Yang Mi is not only popular among local audiences, but overseas film industry executives as well. Her numerous accolades include winning the best actress award at the 2023 Satellite Awards, as well as the best supporting actress award at the 2023 Satellite Awards. These two honors helped Yang Mi land roles in films such as Kung Mangai in Hong Kong, Where the Ghost Rises, Finding Nemo, The Mermaid, Mona Lisa and The Monkey Song, amongst many others.

Date of Birth:12 September 1986
Spot of Birth: Beijing, China
Name of Birth:: Yang Mi
Monikers: Xiaomi, Mimi, Little fox
Visionary or Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Calling or Occupation: female entertainer, Singer, Model
Citizenship: Chinese
Race Skin and Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Religion: Buddhism
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Sexual Orientation Type: Straight

Recently, Yang Mi attended the Beijing International Film Festival, where she was also honored with the best actress award for her performance in the film The Grand Piano. Her co-stars also received acting awards, with the most notable being Jackie Chan’s award for best actor at the same ceremony. This prestigious award is the highest honor that an actor can receive from the Chinese film industry, with the award being presented to individuals who have made contributions to the film industry. In addition to this honor, Yang Mi has also won the best supporting actress award at the Beijing International Dramatic Competition twice.

Recently, Yang Mi attended the Global Industry Exhibition in Beijing, where she was honored with the coveted title of the “Most Popular Actress” at the prestigious TIFF London Asian Film Festival. The event honoring Yang Mi attracted a huge number of foreign tourists and media attention, as the event showcased the latest actresses from across Asia. Besides this award, Yang Mi also received the Best Leading Actress award at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival. Yang Mi was also honored with the Best Leading Director award at the Venice International Film Festival. These are only some of the many honors that Yang Mi has garnered since her first role in the 1997 Korean film Gooloo Gang.

The success of Gooloo Gang is largely attributed to its unique plot and the star-studded cast that include Yang Mi, who along with her co-stars are no less than Hollywood’s A-list. To cap off the year, Yang Mi was nominated for the Academy Award for the best actress category for her role as a heroine in the film. Although disappointed at not being chosen for the Oscar, Yang Mi still has high hopes for her career, particularly because she has been nominated four times for Best Actress in the past. The success of Gooloo Gang is not surprising, considering the film was highly advertised and distributed by Korean Film Council. This makes it clear that Yang Mi has become one of the most successful actresses from Korea, with her multiple accolades and successes paving way for her to acquire lucrative roles in Hollywood.


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