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Yari Verschaeren,Real Name, Birthday, Biography, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Yari Verschaeren is a Belgian soccer player. He currently plays for Antigua and Barbuda. Yari Verschaeren was born in Brussels, Belgium. He is from a French-speaking family.

Yari Verschaeren is currently paid a reported $1 million a year by FC Barcelona, the most expensive football club in Spain. Yari Verschaeren played college soccer at Antigua and Barbuda University. He joined Antigua on an exchange of soccer players. Yari Verschaeren also trained with Belgian first team at Cerignano. Yari Verschaeren holds a French passport.

First name: Yari
Surname: Verschaeren
National:  Belgium
Position: Midfielder
Height: 172cm
Weight: 67kg
Birth date: 2001-07-12 (20 years old)

Yari Verschaeren is believed to be the holder of the world record for being the oldest active soccer player. Yari Verschaeren played part of two World Cups. Yari Verschaeren is also the holder of the national team as well as the coach of the Barbudan team. Yari Verschaeren is the father of twin boys. He also has a sickle blade, which is connected to the soccer team.

Yari Verschaeren was born in Belgium, but is originally from Yari, Suriname. Yari is currently unemployed and lives with his parents and two step sisters in Yari. Yari Verschaeren was featured on the TV show of “Larry King Live.” Yari Verschaeren was interviewed by Larry King and revealed that he is receiving medical treatment for his sickle cell anemia and is planning to play in Europe one day. Yari Verschaeren is hoping to play for Belgian team Europa Sport.

Yari is listed as one of seven players born in Japan, which is one of the youngest players ever to be born in Japan. Yari Verschaeren was a member of the Netherlands youth soccer team during his youth. Yari played the goalkeeper position. Yari spent three years in Japan but wanted to become a professional wrestler. He eventually turned to soccer and became a member of the Belgian national team.

Yari Verschaeren played a lot of different positions for the Belgium team during the early Japanese football history. He even played goalkeeper but preferred to be a forward. Yari Verschaeren holds both the reigns as both the goalkeeper and the player/manager of the Belgian team. He has also been a coach for the Japanese national team. This leaves Yari Verschaeren with a lot of responsibilities as the manager of the Belgian team.

Yari Verschaeren is very athletic and good at being a leader. Yari Verschaeren has also trained with traditional Japanese spear fencers and knows how to effectively use their training to defend themselves and strike their opponents with great skill. Traditional Japanese fencing has evolved and Yari Verschaeren has studied it thoroughly. During his time in Japan he learned spear fencing from noted chef and martial art specialist Takeda Gozo.

Yari Verschaeren has been described as the strongest fighter on the field of battle and is considered to be the best mixed martial artist in the world. Yari Verschaeren’s full name is Yariumi Yari Verschaeren, which means Yari of the red sword. In this movie Yari Verschaeren uses a pair of katana swords that look like sticks of metal. This is definitely an accurate portrayal of traditional Japanese swords and Yari Verschaeren is definitely the man you want to train with if you are interested in learning this great martial art!

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