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Zaskia Sungkar Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Zaskia Sangkar is best known by her stage name Zasky or Sankar. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she grew up in the small town of Bogor. Her parents were both teachers, and she became known to locals as “Sankar”. She attended the Bogor State Girls’ School, where she excelled in Math and Spanish.

In the late eighties, Zaskia Sangkar attended the University of Jakarta, where she pursued a degree in political science. Later, she started modeling, which led to acting. She has also done some work as a television writer and producer, and eventually developed her own soap opera, which she starred in and produced. In 2023, she got married to fellow Indonesian actor Sayfullah Islam and the two have since become a family. She has also had some small roles in Indonesian movies and low-budget films.

Zaskia Sungkar’s public life is interesting in many ways. She has always been active in philanthropic activities, and she even served a brief stint as a United Nations assistant when she was younger. She met her husband while participating in a program that helped young women get high school diplomas. He became a devoted father to her after they married, and the two have been blessed with four children. They have two teenage daughters, and a son is on the way. She started a singing career shortly thereafter, and she has released several albums, one of which earned her the title of Indonesia’s most popular artist–the same title that Rizwan Manjur attained in Malaysia.

Full Name Zaskia Sungkar
Profession Actress
Zaskia Sungkar Age 30
Birth Signs Capricorn
Birth Date December 22, 1990
Birth Place Jakarta, Indonesia
Country Indonesia
Gender Female
Zaskia Sungkar Height 5 feet 9 inch (166 cm)
Zaskia Sungkar Weight 120 lbs (70 kg)

Zaskia Sungkar’s first major acting role came in the popular Indonesian soap opera “The Mask” as the mother in a romantic relationship with her son’s killer, played by Riggey Badian. The show ran for two seasons, which is a testament to its popularity. Once the series ended, she began working on her first movie, which she starred in and released in 2023. It is about a young girl who begins to learn how to be an actress in Indonesia. It has been praised by critics both in the Indonesian theater and overseas.

Zaskia Sungkar also rose to prominence in the field of screenwriting and produced some of her own screenplays, including her novel, “Nyonya,” which she wrote and directed. Her role in that film helped her garner attention from various Hollywood insiders who were eager to hire her for various projects. In 2023, she received an offer from Lionsgate to produce a TV series, titled “My Boss’s Kids,” in which she would play the daughter of a prominent family in Indonesia. That project went into production in early 2023. No new release dates have been announced for that series.

Aside from her lead role in “The Mask,” Zaskia Sungkar also started appearing in some shows on ABS-CBN as a love interest for Rumi. Her association with Rumi dates back to their shared experience as street children in Jakarta when Rumi was simply a child going to school. The two enjoyed going on picnics and shopping in the area. When Rumi was asked by her employer to take Zaskia with her on a shopping trip to a mall, the two immediately hit it off. From there, they just had to be friends.


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