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Zhang Zifeng Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Zhang Zifeng is an entertainer, actor, and Chinese movie star. She is from China. Her most famous role is in the movie Kung Mangai where she plays the evil witch. She has also been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in that film. She has also been paid by China Film Company, Dream Corp., and publisher Hurst Corporation as a worldwide performer and popular character actress. She has also been paid by Netevision Media Group and CMC Entertainment as a worldwide performer and popular character actress.

This is a biography on Zhang Zifeng that shows her life up to this date. She is well known for her beautiful face and her good looks. Her career started when she was still in middle school. In her mid-twenties, she became more popular in the world of film. After that, she continued to become very successful and popular in various television works. This is a brief description of her early life.

Zhang Zifeng was born in区巨眩 in communist China in 1976. Her given name is Zhang Zifeng Chun and she is an honor student. She graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2005. She has studied acupuncture, naturopathy, nutrition, and other health care subjects at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and she is fluent in English.

Popular As N/A
Occupation Actress
Age 20 years old
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Born 27 August 2001
Birthday 27 August
Birthplace Sanmenxia, China
Nationality China

Zhang Zifeng was born in July of 1977 and was named Sanmenxia Lin. Her full name is Zhang Zifeng Chun and she was described as Chun Li from that time. There were rumors that she was born to a poor family in Fujian province but this is incorrect. Her parents owned a small fishing boat and this is where she was supposed to live and grow up but her parents never had any contact with mainland China.

At the age of sixteen, she went to Fujian to study abroad but she was captured by the Japanese and shipped back to China where she lived for the next eighteen years while studying acupuncture, western medicine, nutrition, and other new subjects. In 1992, she earned a master’s degree from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and underwent extensive training in acupuncture and herbal medication at the ZheJiang Hospital in Beijing. This was also where she met her husband. They got married in 1994 and have been together for twenty-two years now. Zifeng has always remained focused on traditional medicine and never muddled up her training or interests for work.

Her role as Sanmenxia was made popular by Jackie Chan, who played the role alongside Chow. The movie has gone on to become a classic Chinese comedy classic and is widely considered one of the best young stars in China today. Zhang Zifeng is also extremely popular online with many fans following her updates on her Facebook page. I hope that you will enjoy her website if you want to learn more about Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.


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